2022-08-30. AM 02:00
[HOF] Spetember 2022 @Irem

Portraits have taken the place of
photography in the past.

Those in power painted portraits to
make themselves known to the public
and to brag about their achievements
and ordinary people recorded
themselves with their family
for precious moments to be kept.

Gradually, as the years passed,
it gave up most of the role to
the cameras that appeared.
But the portrait is said to be
unchangingly loved.

From the point that requires careful
observation,the emotions and sense
of presence of the artist and model
in the picture, And it is said that
many people are still looking for
the uniqueness of having only one
piece of art.

The artist @Irem, who shows us
the charm of a person by portraying
a person in his work, was selected
for the Hall of Fame in September.

The artist has full of characters
in his artworks.

From singers who sing and dance on
stage, to actors who act, and
sports stars who perform great
activities, various characters are
realistically expressed.

The colorful colors and lines that
draw these characters contain
the atmosphere and charm they have,
which makes us curious about
the characters and feel the affection
of the artist.

The artist's unique expression of
drawing characters and their
backgrounds, from works of
imagination and landscapes that
accompany them, are also elements
that make you fall in love with
the work.

In addition to the colorful
background with the characters,
he creates a different scene
by filling in various materials
without gaps, he’s been showing
the charm and new method in
drawing characters

Visit the artist’s feed now and
meet beautiful characters.

Don't forget to 'Like' on
the character you like with
and write your impressions.

Please look forward to upcoming
interview with the artist as well.
Thank you.

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