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[Review] Challenge of August (1)

‘Shark’, the sharp-toothed predators
of the sea, were the topic of
the first challenge in August.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 1st challenge of August

We were able to see various works of
sharks through this challenge.

It was a fun time to observe sharks
with distinctive appearances from
all over the world, and to recall
the stories unfolding in the sea
through various imaginations
connected with the characteristics
of sharks.

Thank you everyone who participated
in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

(Untitled) / @HANALOVE
"Wow, that's a big fin!" / @HTH

In the blue sea, a diver with
a shark's fin is swimming.
Looking at the scenery, it feels
like a shark is guiding a diver
who is lost in a place full of
seaweed to the surface.
It is said that sharks are more
docile than ferocious individuals.
I don't know if the diver today
made a good friend.
It’s presented by @HANALOVE.

Huge gray fins pass through the sea
as if it were parting the sea.
The man who had been paddling
the yellow board seemed to have come
closer because he was curious about
the appearance of a shark whose size
could not be imagined even from
a distance.
We wonder what a shark looks like
swimming under the surface of
the water, we’d love to hear
his impressions of seeing a shark.
It’s presented by @HTH.

A Shiver of Sharks / @Orione
the threat / @Poppy

Several sharks are swimming around
in the blue sea that reminds you of
the sky.
The sharks that have gathered in
one place look here and there, show
their teeth, or swim to the other
It is said that sharks communicate
through electric fields or
We wonder what kind of story
the sharks gathered here.
It’s presented by @Orione.

You can see sharks in the gray sea
full of bubbles as if it were
It looks like a shark is wary of
something right now with sharp eyes
and a mouth open as if threatening.
We wonder if what is in front of
the shark right now is another shark
or another sea creature, with its
teeth exposed.
It’s presented by @Poppy.

Hunt / @Anastelfy
That wasn't a dolphin / @CheeseLogic

A shark is swimming in the dark sea.
Sharp teeth and sparkling eyes
exposed through the mouth, Its large
wing-like fins and a sleek
streamlined body capture the majesty
of a shark, a predator of the sea.
The purple light that shines from
the depths seems to speak of
the noble charm of sharks.
It’s presented by @Anastelfy.

After diving into the sea, she sees
a shark and opens her wide eyes.
Perhaps they mistook the swimming
shark for a dolphin and jumped into
the sea to play together.
Still, if you see the shark waving
its fins, it'll have fun with her
With interesting imaginations,
Its presented by @CheeseLogic.

a shark and a duck, it make sense
/ @Naan
Sharing The Bliss Of Freedom
/ @Dr.Gazi

A yellow duck sits on the shark's
pointed nose.
The shark opens its mouth to show
sharp teeth, but the duck looks
casual as if it is sitting on
a branch.
When you look at the shark's
round eyes, it seems that you are
rather surprised by the fearless
Wondering how a duck got to sit on
a shark's nose,
it’s presented by @Naan.

As the sun sets, the sea is full of
sparkles as if the stars have fallen
The giant shark raises its body and
creates rough waves,
and a woman in red swimsuit on
surfboard riding waves to enjoy
the landscapes and thrill.
A shark and surfer, the mysterious
landscape catches our eyes,
It’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

Delusional Hunt / @R.A.A

A child is looking at the aquarium
with sharks and various marine life.
Unlike the peaceful surrounding
atmosphere, the shark approaching in
front of the watching child opens
its mouth wide enough to show its
gums, revealing its sharp teeth.
By looking at the colorful
fish-shaped balloons the child was
holding, it's probably mistaken for
a balloon for its prey.
It’s presented by @R.A.A.

The shark / @Morhellen

Among the clouds, a shark with
a sleek and handsome body
is swimming in the sea of light.
Among the coral forests the sharks
pass by, the startled scarlet fish
swim quickly in the opposite
direction and run away.
The shark's face looks like it's
smiling a little.
Maybe it's because we’re more
enamored with the beautiful
underwater scenery than hunting.
It’s presented by @Morhellen.

These are the 10 winners.

@ CheeseLogic
@ Anastelfy
@ Orione
@ Morhellen
@ Dr.Gazi
@ Poppy
@ R.A.A
@ naan

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 2nd challenge of August,
‘Let’s draw Angel’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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