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[Challenge] 2022. August : Let's draw Angel

An angel with a ring made of light
and white wings is a being who
creates various stories.

It is said to be born of fire or
It is said that there are invisible
angels around each person like
a guardian deity.

There are also sayings that
a person's face has only several
wings,or that it has a unique
appearance with several eyes.

They are said to have various roles,
such as foretelling the future
to a hero or guiding souls
to heaven.

The second challenge topic of August
is 'Angel'
a mysterious being with wings.

Angel / @Mishelangello
Finished right now...^-^ ♡♡♡ / @Hani

Angels are said to be messengers of
God mentioned in the scriptures of
Christianity and Islam.

In the West, it is said that
the power of religion grew stronger,
and through the art that developed
along with it, many images of angels
messengers of the gods,were drawn
and worshiped.

Although angels exist in the East,
unlike the Western role of leading
to heaven, they have only the role
of a messenger which has a very low

angel (case) / @kyus
Shooting Stars / @Hypnorino

In early Christian art,
it is said that angels were depicted
as people without wings.

Later, influenced by the art of
Oriental and Persian civilizations,
it is said that it was changed into
the form of a winged man.

In the case of a baby angel,
it is said that it was derived from
the image of a god called Cupid in
Greek mythology.

It would be fun to draw
the appearance of angel you have
in mind.

An angel 2.0 / @Nior
angel / @tosi73

Legends about angels are diverse,
and imaginations are also steadily

From the story of the nine classes
to men, women, and asexuality,
it is said that they thought of
various genders according to
the times.

From the mysterious scenery of
the heaven where they live,
to the story of the fall of an angel
and the creation of a devil,
various stories are being told and

What kind of angel do you think of
right now?

Join the challenge
by drawing various angels
from the legends to your own

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from August. 16(Tue) toAugust. 31(Wed)

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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