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[Review] Challenge of July (2)

‘Atlantis, a mysterious continent
that has disappeared
It was the second challenge in July.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.
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the 2nd challenge of July

Through this challenge,
we were able to see works depicting

We were able to appreciate
the beautiful landscapes and
buildings through the work that
depicts the place where Atlantis
may have been and it was a fun time
to guess the real appearance through
the images of Atlantis in different

Thank you everyone who participated
in this challenge.

So, shall we meet the winners of
this challenge?

Beautiful mystery / @Abex
Atlantis / @sherlock

Coral and seaweed grow luxuriantly
on the walls, like trees and vines,
and the statue of Poseidon with
a trident is covered with moss.
The magnificence and splendor of
the past are swept away by
the current, and the buildings left
with only pillars have become places
where only fishes and sharks pass.
It’s presented by @Abex.

Destroyed buildings became habitats
for fish.
Thousands of fish roam the ruins of
Atlantis, from swarms of fish to
sharks and rays, small tropical fish
and seahorses.
The gold coins scattered near
the statue with the spear seem to be
just toys to the fish.
It’s presented by @sherlock.

Atlantis Sinking / @2catsnow
Atlantis / @rimbo875

A giant creature's bridge that
appeared with the dark clouds is
shattering the city.
It seems that a great calamity
has begun, from those who rush with
their possessions to those who are
swept away by the raging waves and
those who have already died.
The last look of Atlantis that was
destroyed in a day by anger of
the god,
It’s presented by @2catsnow.

There is a sunk castle in the blue
ocean where fishes of beautiful
colors swim around.
The castle is full of yellow, as if
it was built of gold, and it looks
solid with no collapse except for
the broken bridge.
It seems that the old traces of
the lost Atlantis still remain in it
It’s presented by @rimbo875.

☆☆☆♡♡♡ / @helgi
Atlantis / @Daria

We can see the white castle in
the deep sea where the green mermaid
All the surrounding buildings are
floating somewhere, and only castles
statues, and long stairs remain
on the precarious ground.
The mysterious planes floating above
seem to have found secrets of
Atlantis that we haven't yet
It’s presented by @helgi.

The mermaid is looking at
the building with the trident-shaped
symbol and the high temple connected
by the stairs.
The sun barely shining in the dark
sea mysteriously illuminates
the building, which seems to have
caught the attention of a passing
We wonder if the reason we haven't
been able to find Atlantis so far
is because it's in the deep sea that
only mermaids can find.
It’s presented by @Daria.

UP DOWN ATLANTIS..... / @JM.Dulansa
Finding Atlantis / @Diana

A girl and a cat are sitting on
the roof of a building and watching
a whale.
The place where countless whales
gather and swim is an unknown place
full of broken statues and buildings.
Looking at the twinkling crescent
moon and butterflies, the girl and
the cat may be dreaming of
disappeared Atlantis long time ago.
It’s presented by @JM.Dulansa.

The submarine descended into
the deep sea where the lanternmaw
and jellyfish live seems to have
found something.
By looking at the piles of jewels,
sunken ships, and traces of various
This must be the disappeared
Seeing the two men in the submarine
raising their hands, they seem to be
very happy with the discovery
It’s presented by.@Diana.

Little mermaid in the lost kingdom
/ @Narges
Atlantis / @fifi

Beautifully colored corals and
colorful fish are swimming
in front of the huge temple where
the statues of the solemn soldiers
are erected.
On the top of the temple, fearsome
sharks are roaming around as if
standing guard with soldiers.
Looking at the yellow-haired mermaid
looking at the shark from one side,
the ruins of Atlantis seem to
have become a playground for sea
It’s presented by @Narges.

The color of the deep blue sea
reminds us of a very deep and
deep sea.
Amidst the tree-grown seaweed,
a long-haired mermaid sticks her
head out and looks around.
Judging by the mysterious lights and
the appearance of the building,
this place seems to be the remains
of Atlantis submerged in the sea.
We wonder what the mermaids are
looking for here.
It’s presented by @fifi.

These are the 10 winners.

@ Abex
@ Narges
@ sherlock
@ 2catsnow
@ Diana
@ helgi
@ JM.Dulansa
@ fifi
@ Daria
@ rimbo875

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The 1st challenge of August,
‘Let’s draw Shark’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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