2022-07-28. AM 01:33
Introduction to Remix Features

Hello, PENPLE’s!

A remix function that allows you
to create new works
from other people's works
has been applied to version 3.9.4.

Using the remix function,
you can create a new work using
other people's work.

This time, we would like to explain
the remix function in detail.

First, Start Remix.

If you would like to remix
someone else's drawing,
please find the 'Remix' button
at the bottom of
the work's detail page.

If you click the ‘Remix’ button,
the work becomes
the background and you can draw
with PENUP’s drawing tools.

However, for works that
do not allow remixing,
the ‘Remix’ button does not appear,
so please check
the detail view page.

Second, Allow Remixes

If you want others to use
your drawing as a remix,
you can draw it
in PENUP's drawing tool
and allow the remix at
the post stage.

Other users are able to
remix your artwork
if you turn on 'Allow remixes'.

If you do not want to allow it,
you can switch it to OFF and
remixing becomes not allowed.

If you drew a picture using
a drawing tool other than PENUP,
you can import an image from
a layer or use the remix function
through photo drawing.

It would be fun to appreciate
the new works created
by your own paintings
by allowing remixes.

Third, See the works that
allowed remix.

You can also check the existence
of the remix button
on the detail view page of
the work to check the work
allowed for remixing.

The spinner on the home screen
allows you to quickly find
remix-permitted works.

If you press the spinner
on the home screen,
a list appears and select Remix,
and you can check the works
that have been remixed.

Check out works that are allowed
to be remixed conveniently,
and try remixing
other people's works.

Fourth, See the remixed work

If you want to see
other people's remixed works,
enter the 'Remix' category
in the category on the search screen
to view only the works remixed
by others.

The categories are divided
into popular works and new works,
so if you want to see remixed works,
please use the search function.

If you use the newly created remix,
you can expect a variety
of activities,
from coloring drawings to drawing,
or your own challenges.

We hope that new communication will
be made through the remix function
with your participation
in the future.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team