2022-07-27. AM 02:03
[HOF] August 2022 @yihyunyi

What do you think is
the charm of landscape painting?

Claude Lorrain liked the calmness
and harmony, and John Constable is
said to be fascinated by the subtle
changes of nature.

William Turner wanted to express
the unknown and mysterious beauty of
nature, and Millet was deeply
immersed in the subject of people
in nature.

@yihyunyi, who is expressing
the beauty of nature through
attractive colors is selected
for the August Hall of Fame.

The artist's works are full of
beautiful colors.

Blue sky, golden fields, green trees,
and colorful flowers, each element
in the painting harmonizes
with each other to create a beautiful

In addition, the sense of season
and space expressed in it is filled
with the comfort of nature.
It makes us feel like walking
and enjoying the scenery peacefully.

In addition, the concise titles
attached to the works elicit various
emotions and imaginations.

Through the names of flowers and
real places, we realize unknown
facts, and get an explanation of
the inspiration contained in
abstract landscape paintings.

Through this, we can also feel
the pleasure of observation
and imagination through nature.

Visit the artist's feed now and
meet landscape paintings with
beautiful colors.

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Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the author in the future.

Thank you.

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