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[Challenge] 2022. August : Let's draw Shark

Sharks, the largest fishes,
have over 400 species.

Just as there are many different
types, they are said to be very
different in appearance.

It is said that there are hammer
sharks with a hammer-like head,
goblin sharks with long noses,
saw sharks with a saw-like front
snout, and whale sharks that are as
big as a whale.

It is said that sharks with various
appearances and habits,from
sucker sharks that live attached to
other sharks and fish, to
the great white shark made famous
in the movie, and the common shark
resembling a tiger, live all over
the world's oceans.

The first challenge theme in August
is called the predator of the sea,
It's 'Shark'.

Great White Shark / @Tinu_singh
shark / @raviv

Sharks are said to have been around
400 million years ago.

Especially in the case of Megalodon,
which is called the ancestor, It is
said that the body was much larger
than the current shark.

It is said that the size of 20cm for
teeth found as fossils so it was
estimated body length was about 20m,
and that they mainly hunted whales.

It is said that Megalodon hunts
small whales that are easy to catch,
and naturally only large individuals
remain and the whales have grown
in size.

shark / @Duni3D
FISH - 고래상어 whale shark / @jinhee

A shark's weapon has terrifying
teeth, The speed at which it quickly
approaches its prey is also said to
be a powerful weapon.

It is said that the skin, which is
the stratum corneum like teeth,
cannot stick to anything except
sucker sharks, so it greatly reduces
friction with water.

In addition, even if a tooth falls
out, it grows back and only
distinguishes between black and
white, but has excellent eyesight,
and wounds are easily healed.

Shark Bait / @Flint
Water is Out of Rule / @Aibehr

Although sharks are on the verge of
extinction due to the exaggerated
image of a man-eating shark, there
is very little interest in them.

However, contrary to the scary image
if humans and habitats do not
overlap and they are said to rarely
attack unless attacked.

There are some types of aggressive
sharks, and they play a role in
regulating the number of jellyfish,
so they are very important fish in
the ocean cycle.

What kind of shark do you think of

Join the challenge of drawing sharks
from swimming in the ocean to
imagining sharks,

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Aug. 1(Mon) to Aug. 15(Mon).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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