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[Review] Challenge of July (1)

‘‘Garden’, a space where you can enjoy
beautiful natural scenery,
was the first challenge topic in July.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 1st challenge of July

I was able to see various aspects of
the garden through this challenge.

It was a fun time to see
the beautiful garden with flowers,
trees,and to imagine your own garden
through the scenery of a different
garden or a garden you want to

Thank you everyone who participated
in the challenge with a great piece
of art.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

04 / @route_12
Pond in the garden / @Yana

Inside the glass greenhouse,
two people are standing on
the bridge in the garden.
From countless flowers blooming
around, to a uniquely shaped
fountain and a large tree with
a basket hanging on it, to
the decoration of the moon on which
a doll sits, it seems like a special
garden created for someone.
We wonder what the two people are
discussing in this beautiful garden.
It’s presented by @route_12.

A garden with a pond is full of
beautiful colors.
The trees are full of beautiful
flowers from red to pink to white
and purple.
Even near the pond where the white
lotus bloomed,blue flowers boast
a beautiful appearance.
We want to admire the garden made of
flowers while walking along the path.
It’s presented by @Yana.

My Secret Garden. / @nuni
(Untitled) / @vlad

In the garden where the trees are
lush, even sunlight barely
There, sharks with scary teeth and
faces, and even tropical fish with
green bodies, swim leisurely among
the trees with clouds.
A mysterious garden reminiscent of
the sea makes you wonder who made it.
It’s presented by @nuni.

In front of the garden's stone pond,
tropical trees that look like
coconuts are dotted.
The sky with white clouds in
the distance is reminiscent of clear
and hot weather.
The color of sand at the end of
the garden makes us imagine that
it is a garden connected to the sea.
It’s presented by @vlad.

grandma's backyard garden
/ @FatemaMusharrof
the witch's garden / @karlinabaccart

The trees surrounding the garden
create a cozy atmosphere.
You can see lotus flowers in
the pond, and reeds and flowers are
also growing next to the road.
Judging from the title, we think it
may have been a garden
that grandma made with her family
in mind.
It’s presented by@FatemaMusharrof.

A woman is sitting in a green garden
where trees and grass grow.
She is reading a book in
a comfortable position with her back
against a tree, sitting in a soft
place made of long grass.
By looking at the book with full of
flowers, it looks like she’s
planning to build a flower garden in
her garden.
It’s presented by @karlinabaccart.

Garden / @Avi_Shatz
Rose Garden Exhibition / @One2three

The garden with brick paths and
steps is surrounded by a variety of
grasses and colorful flowers.
A tall tree seems to be a signpost
for people walking along the road
and also a shelter.
We want to sit on the steps under
the tree and enjoy the scenery of
the garden.
It’s presented by @Avi_Shatz.

Roses bloomed in the garden.
The roses in the flower bed bloom
a variety of flowers from red to
yellow and white to brightly color
the garden while stretching its vein
to the arch standing on the street
with roses in full bloom.
The color and scent of roses will
leave a smile on our lips if we stay
It’s presented by @One2three.

Bridge in the flower garden..
/ @N.D.Timea
breeze from the east / @Sam

The garden with the lake seems to be
in full bloom.
From golden yellow flowers to
sparkling pink flowers, they
completely fill the area around
the bridge.
We want to walk on the bridge and
capture this scenery.
It’s presented by @N.D.Timea.

Nestled in the heart of
the old-fashioned building,
the garden has a fountain spouting
cool water.
The green lawn is decorated with
flower beds with pink flowers.
The room decorated by the pattern of
flowers and leaves looks like
a place to comfortably appreciate
the garden.
It’s presented by @Sam.

These are the 10 winners.

@ route_12
@ N.D.Timea
@ Yana
@ nuni
@ Sam
@ One2three
@ vlad
@ FatemaMusharrof
@ karlinabaccart
@ Avi_Shatz

Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The 2nd challenge of July,
‘Let’s draw Atlantis’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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