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[Interview] HOF July 2022 @Nisia

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Vincent van Gogh, considered
one of the greatest painters,
is famous for his unique and
mysterious works.

It is said that he met Impressionism
and completed an original expression
of painting colors side by side in
a line shape and dazzling and
intense colors.

Although he transformed what he saw
with his own eyes,he always observed
nature in detail and drew pictures
with a lot of preparation.
It is said that even to this day,
his works that remain in the memory
of many people have been created.

@Nisia , who was selected for
the Hall of Fame in July,is also
showing us a different landscape
through nature painted with
beautiful colors and expressions.

The artist's works contain
mysterious aspects of nature.

The work that contains the regular
and free flowing flow created by
nature contains the vitality of
the living, breathing nature, making
it feel as if we are facing
the landscape right in front of our

At the same time,
from the appearance of the universe
expressed in various colors to
the twinkle of the stars, the moon
and the sun,the artist is completing
her own fantasy world.

We have to figure out how the artist
came to start drawing these artworks

So, let's start the interview with
the artist.

Hello, artist.
This is the operations of PENUP.
First of all, congratulations on
being selected into the Hall of Fame
in July.

Please tell us a brief
self-introduction and impressions of
your selection.

A1. @Nisia
Hello. My name is Agnieszka and
I am from Poland.
Thank you so much for choosing me
for HOF, I would never expect such
distinction, I am truly surprised.
That was such a nice surprise.

The first work was uploaded in
October 2018.
Since then, you've been uploading
artworks consistently, and we’re
curious how you came to know about
PENUP and upload your works.

A2. @Nisia
I discovered Penup after purchasing
a new phone, it was a Samsung Note 9
I was looking for some coloring app.
I also discovered the painting
features and I was hooked, this
really got me into it, although
I had never painted before.
I’ve been constantly learning ever

You have captured beautiful
landscapes in color and expression
in your work.
We wonder what devices and apps
these works are being created through.

A3. @Nisia
Currently I’m using
a Samsung tab s8 Ultra ,
it has a large display, something
I lacked in the Note 10+ phone,
which I used as well.
I paint in the Artrage app, which
I love for giving you the feeling
as if it was real paint under
the brush. It also has a spatula
that I couldn’t manipulate “paint”
without, I use it for shading,
smudging and many more.
The effects such as stardust,
on the other hand, are something
I found in Infinite Painter.
These are the two apps that I use.

You are drawing beautiful landscapes
where fantasy and reality harmonize.
We wonder what inspired you to draw
this piece of art.

A4. @Nisia
I always liked colors, and something
magical in the nature. I like to
combine the obvious with
the non-obvious. I also look at
a lot of pictures, Pinterest is
my favorite source of inspiration.
That’s where I mainly get my ideas

There were places that felt like
real places, and there were places
that felt like imagination.
We wonder what kind of places are
included in the work.

A5. @Nisia
These are places that I’ve seen once
somewhere. But none of them is
completely real or made up.
In my art, reality blends with

There were also works that reminded
us of the appearance of space,
such as the huge moon and the earth.
we wonder the reason why you drew
these works.

A6. @Nisia
I’ve watched a movie with a similar
theme once, and since I like
the topic of space, of something
unreal. That’s the exact reason
behind these drawings and others
like that. I have a great time when
creating them. And that’s what this
is about, to get enjoyment out of
the things we draw.

There were various landscapes and
we was able to feel the beauty of
color and change.
Among the numerous works, we wonder
if you have a memorable landscape.
Also, we wonder if there is a part
that you emphasize when you draw
a piece of art.

A7. @Nisia
Colors are something that I adore,
their expressiveness. The same goes
for sky and clouds, which express
the aura of weather. Every landscape
is different, but particularly
memorable to me is sunlight
reflecting in water, shining upon
meadows, creating shadows and
reflections among mountains and
valleys. That’s what plays the main

It was also possible to see
the appearance of subjects such as
characters and animals in the work.
We wonder what the material in
the work means.

A8. @Nisia
When I was a child,
I saw an old tree with its roots
looking like different characters.
I wanted to recreate that, to show
a different perspective. That even
a simple tree can have something
magical about it.

We were able to see that you were
reposting the works of many penple.
Were curious if there is any part
of this community activity that has
been helpful to your work.
Also, we wonder if there is a topic
you would like to draw in the future.

A9. @Nisia
I believe that it’s always
a good idea to share art,
to support others, to encourage.
I remember how much I was supported
when starting my journey with Penup.
I’m still learning, I would love for
my work to keep getting better and
presenting more details. But there’s
still a lot for me to learn.

This is the last question
Please tell us any improvements
you want to see while using PENUP
or messages
you want to share with us.

A10. @Nisia
I have one message for the Penup
Find joy in painting.
Paint what you like without thinking
whether you should or shouldn’t.
Experiment and look for your
own style.

Express emotions. Have fun.
My experience with Penup has always
been positive and I hope that it
will remain like this in the future,
I would also like to thank all
the friends I met on Penup for
their support.

How was the interview with

Vincent van Gogh is said to
have emphasized the essence
and characteristics of the material
and expressing his emotions rather
than simply reproducing reality.

The artist was expressing her
imagination and emotions in
the scenery she saw and felt in
a beautiful work as well.

To all of you who are reading
this article, How about transferring
the emotions you feel when you see
nature into a painting?

I think it would be fun to recreate
the emotions and imaginations
from various landscapes into
new shapes.

We hope that PENUP will be filled
with fantastic scenery with
everyone's work.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team