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[Challenge] 2022. July : Let's draw Atlantis

Various stories exist
about the lost continent,

A huge city built in the shape of
concentric circles through the canal
to the central island was told that
it had a mysterious structure.

It is said that there existed
a precious metal called Orichalcum,
which appears frequently as
a material in fantasy with many
mysterious tools as well.

However, it is said that greed,
luxury, and arrogance caused
the wrath of the gods and
got disappeared in one day.

The topic for the second
challenge of July is
‘Atlantis’, the mysterious world
where we want to visit.

Cos-play -the floating city
/ @aristina.Z
Underwater city / @Alex.Lebedev

Atlantis is said to have been known
by the Greek philosopher Plato,
who recorded the story of a lost
civilization his grandfather shared
with a high priest when he went to

But because there was no record or
evidence left, it is said that
there were far more opinions that
the place was created by someone's
imagination rather than that it
actually existed.

Now, we consider the actual
existence of Atlantis comparatively
higher than before
Because the legends about a huge
nation have been passed down to
various countries, and the fact
that Troy and Mycenae existed, which
were considered to be more nonsense
than Atlantis.

Exploring the Sahara Desert ...
/ @Pranav
Under the Sea / @CAREUS

Atlantis is said to have guessed
different areas from the deep sea
to the desert.

One of them is called the Eye of
the Sahara in the Sahara Desert,
which is said to be one of the most
promising areas.

The discovery of whale fossils
nearby confirmed that it was
previously close to the sea and
it is considered an area with high
potential because the size and
topography of a large river or
structure match the records of

It would be fun to draw places
where you think Atlantis existed.

(Untitled) / @James_Maynard
The Last Protector of Atlantis
/ @Kanbo

Atlantis is also a place to create
new imaginations.

It is said that the imagination of
adventurers to find the lost areas
influenced the Age of Discovery,
which discovered the continents of
Australia and America, and
the pioneering of new sea routes.

Also, because it is a mysterious
place, it is also widely used as
a material that evokes various
imaginations from ancient
civilizations to exchanges with

What is the look of Atlantis you
have in your mind now?

Join the challenge by drawing
various pictures from the place you
remember to another one you imagine
in Atlantis.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from July. 16(Sat) to July. 31(Sun).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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