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[Review] Challenge of June (2)

‘Owl’, called the king
of the night,
was the second challenge
theme in June.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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please check the link below.
Go to the epilogue of
the 2nd challenge of June

Through this challenge,
we were able to appreciate the works
with owls.

We were able to see owls of various
appearances from all over the world,
and it was a fun time to imagine new
things and new facts about owls
through works depicting their habits
and places of residence.

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge.

Then, shall we mee the winners of
the challenge?

梟さん / @juntakun
sweet owl / @-Mariana

His back has impressive owl-printed
The eyebrows, yellow eyes, and even
the fingers remind us of the feet of
an owl.
Perhaps this is what an owl would
look like if it became a human.
An artwork with creative imagination
It’s presented by @juntakun.

A masked owl with a distinctive face
is staring at a place.
The slightly bent head seems to have
developed a deep interest in
the subject.
Masked owls are very curious and
have a habit of paying close
We want to follow its gaze to see
what stimulated the owl's curiosity.
It’s presented by @-Mariana.

owl / @SarelArt
(Untitled) / @princess8.19

An owl sits on the railing above
the bridge of a pond where plants
and many trees grow.
Even though it's not dark at night,
it looks like it's looking around
with its yellow eyes wide open.
It seems that it can't fall asleep
in the beautiful scenery.
It’s presented by @SarelArt.

An owl sits on a long branch under
a night sky where the clouds obscure
the moon.
The fluffy young owl is looking
around the place with curious eyes.
Perhaps, it is thinking about
the day when it is grown up and
practicing not to fall asleep until
this time.
It’s presented by @princess8.19.

Eternity:) / @aristina.z
Owl / @DuncanMcDonnell

Two owls are rubbing their heads
on a branch of a wisteria in bloom.
Petals that can't bear the weight
are falling like snow, and bright
light is shining through the bushes,
creating a fantastic scenery.
The bright smile of the owl seems to
contain all the joy of being with
the beautiful scenery.
It’s presented by @aristina.z.

In the forest, among the brown trees
an owl sticks out its head.
Supported with sharp claws on a tree
similar in color to feathers seems
that it is hiding in silence.
We wonder if there is a prey for
the owl to hunt today in the place
where it looks with the eyes
wide open.
It’s presented by @DuncanMcDonnell.

Eagle Owl / @R.A.A
colourful watercolor dream / @Poppy

The eagle owl with its pointed ear
feathers is looking everywhere.
The black lines that seem to bloom
around it feel like you are
searching for a place for food.
Looking at the vicious force and
fierce eyes, the captured prey seems
to shrink and be caught by its sharp
It’s presented by @R.A.A.

An owl perched on a branch is
looking up at the sky.
Numerous colors such as green, red,
and yellow brightly color
the surroundings, and white dots
that look like snow fill the inside.
The owl's round eyes seem to be
startled by the beautiful scenery
and seem to have fallen in love
with it.
It’s presented by @Poppy.

Portrait of an Owl / @Donna
Steampunk Owl / @Zaba

An owl is sitting on a branch.
Its face is bent enough to show
its back and its large, green eyes
seem to be looking at something.
The bright yellow background
contrasting with the dark feathers
may be an indication of the owl's
It’s presented by @Donna.

On a night with a big full moon,
an owl is sitting on a branch.
Wearing a long hat and goggles
on its head, the owl looks like
everything from the gears to the
propellers is made of metal.
We wonder who made the mechanical owl
for what purpose and the story
behind it.
It’s presented by @Zaba.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The 1st challenge of July,
‘Let’s draw Garden’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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