2022-06-29. AM 02:10
[HOF] July 2022 @Nisia

If there are thousand painters,
there are thousand landscapes.

It means that the same place is
reflected in a different landscape
depending on how we look at nature.

A landscape with such diverse
perspectives is seen as a new
landscape because it is intertwined
with the artist's reality and
situation as well as the person who
appreciates the painting.

@Nisia was recalling the new look of
nature to us and selected for
the Hall of Fame in July
by drawing landscapes
with the eyes and imaginations.

The artist's work is full of dreamy
and mysterious nature.

The artist is creating beautiful
landscapes with the appearance of
nature that we can meet next to us
and the image of the universe
that we cannot easily meet.

At the same time, the various flows
that express the landscape
show the dynamic movement of nature
and awaken a new sense of immersion
in a fantasy world.

The artist is also expressing
various changes in nature with
beautiful colors.

Just like wearing different
beautiful clothes for each season,
it reminds us of the fact that
various colors are dissolved
in the changes made by nature
and the emotions that colors create.

Visit the artist's feed now and
meet the beautiful and mysterious
scenery of nature.

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congratulations and do not forget to
leave your impressions from nature.

Please look forward to the upcoming
interview With the artist.
Thank you.

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