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[Review] Challenge of June (1)

‘Tower’, a building used for various
purposes, was the first challenge
topic in June.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 1st challenge of June

Through this challenge,
We were able to see the appearance
of a building called a tower.

From the old tower built in
a beautiful landscape to the present
made for broadcasting and tourism,
it was a happy moment to see various
imaginations from the images created
by towers.

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with a great piece
of art.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

TOWER 남산타워 / @jinhee
Unseen / @SamTaqvi

A towering tower can be seen among
the trees swaying in the wind.
As the moon rises on a dark night,
the lights are lit up to show off
the colorful colors.
Two cranes are probably flying to
enjoy the night view around
the tower.
Namsan Seoul Tower, one of
the landmarks of Seoul,
It’s presented by @jinhee.

Among the thick and dark clouds,
you can see a church building with
numerous spires.
From the clock tower to
the bell tower, only the white
silhouettes of the beautiful
buildings carved out of stones
are reflected.
We want to appreciate the majestic
appearance after the clouds
have lifted.
It’s presented by @SamTaqvi.

Five skyscraper / @yegonizer
Marvel Of Lights / @Dr.Gazi

From round towers to uniquely
designed towers built in twisted
shapes,there are images of buildings
soaring high into the sky.
The color of each building seems to
contain the emotions we felt when
we saw the tower.
Comparing it with the actual
building, you can understand
the meaning of the color.
It’s presented by @@yegonizer.

In the dark night, the tower's
appearance often evokes a unique
and mysterious feeling.
The night view of the city created
by the dots reminds us of
the different colors of lights
created by the buildings
when looking at the city from afar.
The city reflected on the water
feels as if it contains a world of
fantasy and mystery.
It’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

Isola / @Anastelfy
Tower / @IME

A tower in the shape of a horn is
built on a small island above
the water.
The long, square windows in
the tower seem to be a building
where someone lives,
but as the entrance doesn't exist,
it feels like a tower with
a different purpose.
We wonder what you would think of
the tower that exists in this
mysterious place.
It’s presented by @Anastelfy.

Under the sky, where the clouds are
slowly disappearing, you can see
a tall tower frozen in ice.
Because of the darkness that has not
yet gone, The blue energy that fills
the tower seems to be full of
Like the clearing sky, as if warmth
is slowly coming, the grass that
bloomed with bright light will tell
us it will gradually change
the shape of the tower.
It’s presented by @IME.

Tower at Sunrise / @Mishelangello
Water Tower / @OnyxLulu

The buildings are full of spiers,
where birds sit and rest.
After that, the sky is filled with
yellow light as if the sun is rising
and the birds seem to have started
their activities, and you can see
them flying away.
We wonder what the morning scenery
will look like inside this castle
full of towers.
It’s presented by @Mishelangello.

Looking up at the tower, the unique
round structure attracts attention.
The sky is filled with dots of
various colors, as if using a laser
to create a beautiful picture.
This tower is said to be a water
tower for drinking water and fire
Its unique shape reminds us of
a spaceship.
It’s presented by @OnyxLulu.

The Sunrise of the Eiffel Tower
/ @Jaume_vp
송림사 모전석탑 / @SSB

Amidst the overcast clouds,
the sun with its head outstretched
illuminates the tower.
The surrounding trees and streets
that slowly light up,
and the tower that creates a dark
and bright silhouette reminds me of
a quiet morning street.
A morning view of the Eiffel Tower,
a landmark of Paris, France.
It’s presented by @Jaume_vp.

Around the tower built in
the distance, the trees are blooming
with their green leaves, and
the bright flowers and lotus
lanterns are in harmony to create
a beautiful landscape.
This tower is said to have been
built with bricks built in
the 9th century.
It is a beautiful place with
the harmony of the landscape and
the tower that change with
the seasons.
The stone pagoda of Songnimsa Temple
in Chilgok, Korea,
It’s presented by @SSB.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The 2nd challenge of June,
‘Let’s draw Owl’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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