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[Interview] HOF June 2022 @DigitalArtMP

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French painter and Fauvist
Maurice de Vlaminck is said to have
conceived of painting as a naturally
occurring,passionate and
physical activity.

Therefore, it is said that he has
completed a world of art that is
impressive with strong colors and
swirling brushstrokes by putting
his emotions into his work.

His works, which unravel
the landscape of nature
in his own way, vividly contain
the emotions he felt when he saw
the landscape and still creates
various imaginations and

@DigitalArtMP, who was selected for
the hall of fame in June,
also beautifully expresses
the feelings after seeing the nature
with strong colors and expressions.

The artist's work is
full of beautiful scenery.

The various works of color and
expression create a unique & dreamy
feeling of the landscape felt by
the artist for his drawing.

At the same time, he creates scenes
that are alive and breathing by
drawing abstracts, figures, and
imaginations that he felt through
him with intense colors and

We should figure out how he came to
draw these artworks.

Then, let’s start the interview with
the artist.

Hello artist,
we’re the operations of PENUP.
Firstly, congratulations on
your selection for the hall of fame
in June.
Please briefly introduce yourself
tell us how you feel about
this selection.

A1. @DigitalArtMP
Thank you very much for this honor!
My name is Mario, from Costa Rica
this selection is very important
for me, it encourages me to keep on
creating art!

You uploaded the first work
in December 2018. Since then,
you have been continuously uploading
your works.

How did you come to know PENUP and
start uploading your work?

A2. @DigitalArtMP
I began to explore mobile phone
drawing and painting around 2012 but
didn’t know about PENUP, my device
was very limited. In 2018 I upgraded
and the first thing I did was
looking for painting apps,
some of which directed me towards
PENUP and I immediately
fell in love with it.

You have been working on a variety
of subjects.
We wonder what devices and apps
these works are being created

A3. @DigitalArtMP
The first phone I use to create
digital paintings was an Xperia.
Years later I upgraded to a Huawei
and now I’m using a Samsung A30s.
I’ve used apps such as Sketchbook,
Artflow, Infinite Painter,
Sony Sketch, Artrage and
Samsung Notes.

You expressed various works with
unique colors from landscapes to
people or imaginary materials.
We wonder how you came to draw this
piece of art.

A4. @DigitalArtMP
The painting on the left is
a Plein Air. I was at a concert with
other painters who were painting
with oils and since I had no
painting materials I used my phone
to capture that moment.
The man in the hammock expresses
my love for nature.

We were able to see a variety of
scenery from imaginary places to
real places.
We wonder why you drew
this landscape.
We wonder where you get your
inspiration for the landscape
you imagine.

A5. @DigitalArtMP
The painting of the ship and
the three mountains is a symbol that
is part of my country’s flag it
flows from my love for my country.
The butterfly in the forest
expresses feelings of curiosity and
My inspiration comes from nature,
music and my imagination.

You expressed vividness and
dreamlike feelings through color and
unique texture in your work.
We’re curious as to why you made
such expressions.
Also, we wonder if there are any
expressions that you care about
when drawing.

A6. @DigitalArtMP
My paintings reflect my emotions and
at the same time I want to reach out
and make others have an emotional
experience when they see my art.
My visual language,
as you pointed out, is full of
textures and colors,
my most recurring expressions are
the beauty of nature even if it is
seen through the eyes of imagination
also sadness, love, security,
courage and love.

We were also able to appreciate
the appearance of various imaginary
We wonder who this character
is drawing.

Aside from the above works,
we were able to see works depicting
real people. We’re curious as to
what kind of character you're using
as the topic.

A7. @DigitalArtMP
I love fantastic art, I grew up
drawing fantasy characters and
creating stories. At the same time
I love to draw real people,
when I mix the two The result is
the creation of very interesting
My characters are usually very
determined and strong but also
aware of their weaknesses.

We saw abstract paintings that
seemed to express human emotions
from the feeling of nature.
We are curious about the meaning
contained in this abstraction and
your intention in the expression.

A8. @DigitalArtMP
I have found that words can’t always
describe certain emotions.
Some of them can be overwhelming and
the best way to express
those emotions, in my experience,
is through abstraction.
I make abstract paintings that
resemble nature and people and by
choosing abstract forms I can get
closer to the very essence of
the emotions.

There’s a tendency that you draw
more abstracts recently than
the past.
We wonder why your works have
changed like this.
Also, we wonder if there is
a subject or style of painting that
you would like to draw in the future

A9. @DigitalArtMP
I have been doing abstract forms and
patterns in recent years as a way of
keeping my tendency of doing realism
and detail in check. I do portraits
in traditional media that look
realistic and doing abstract art
keeps my imagination flexible, also,
as I said before it’s more adequate
to express certain emotions.

I usually go back to realism and
I also love to explore styles and
subjects, I would like to explore
subjects like poetry, music, genre
paintings and family moments and
find the style that will depict
them best.

This is the last question.
Please share with us
any improvements you want
or messages you want to share
regarding your experience with PENUP

A10. @DigitalArtMP
I am very grateful for being part of
this amazing community,
PENUP is a dream come true for me.

My experience with PENUP
has always been positive and I’m sure
it will continue to be.

How was the interview with

Vlaminck said that he wanted to show
the vigor of nature, and tried to
express the vitality
through painting.

The artist was also completing works
full of vitality while expressing
various themes through color.

For those of you who are reading
this article, how about drawing
a picture with a new color that
you have not used before?

I think it would be fun to try to
draw a different picture that
expresses one's emotions using
colors that was never used before.

We hope PENUP will be filled with
beautiful colors with
everyone’s artwork.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team