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[Challenge] 2022. June : Let's draw Owl

Night owls, they are nocturnal and
are found all over the world,
while there are many different
species of owls.

There are masked owls with a face
that looks like they are wearing
a mask, and some shrews with
a distinctive chirping sound.

They are said to have various
appearances, such as an eagle owl
with long ear feathers or
a white owl with white feathers.

The body color is closer to gray
in colder regions, and brown color
in densely forested areas.
It has various colors of feathers
and patterns by its habitat.

The 2nd challenge topic in June is
‘Owl’, that is called
the lord of the dark forest.

snowy owl / @GwanwooJin
Barn Owl Moon / @shadowmare72

In the old days, it is said that
the image of an owl in the East
and the West was different.

In the West, it is regarded as
the incarnation of the goddess
of wisdom, and it is thought of as
a bird that brings good things,and
it appeared as a wise adviser
in many stories.

On the other hand, hunting in
the dark night is said to be a title
for a wicked person,
an unconventional person or
to be considered a being who brings
death in the East.

Owl / @Emily
Owl / @ynelva

Owls are said to have unique

The head rotates up to 270 degrees
and the height of the left and right
ears is different, so it is easy to
spot the prey because it is possible
to accurately identify where
the sound is coming from.

In addition, since the tips of
the feathers are split, it makes
almost no sound when flapping
its wings, allowing it to stealthily
snatch prey.

It would be good to draw various
characteristics of owls
that you know.

Owl / @SleepingFear
Owl / @shoz

The owl is considered a symbol of
the night in modern times.

The appearance and sound of an owl
are also used as a reminder of
the dim and dark night.

In addition, the term owl is
sometimes used to refer to people
who are active late at night
or to vehicles that move at night.

What kind of owl do you think of?

Join the challenge by drawing
various owls from the ones living
in nature and the others used as
various symbols.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from June. 16(Thu) to June. 30(Thu).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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