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[Review] Challenge of May (2)

‘Extreme Sports’, thrilling sports
that challenge the limits of human
beings, were the second challenge
topic for May.

First, we introduce the winners of
this challenge through a video.

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the 2nd challenge of May

We were able to learn about various
extreme sports through
this challenge.

It was a fun time to see
extreme sports and various equipment
that are not easily accessible,
and to dream of new challenges
while looking at the beautiful
scenery that can be accessed
through them.

Thank you all who participated
in this challenge.

Then, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Base Jump / @Diana
Brave Heart / @Ayca

On a moonlit night, the city creates
a variety of colorful lights.
Above the tall buildings, people are
jumping on the ground
with parachutes.
From the highest point to the lowest
point, they seem to be enjoying
every aspect of the city in
a thrilling way.
Base jumping, an extreme sport
enjoyed in the city,
It’s presented by @Diana.

The gray sky, the dark blue sea,
and the waves that seem to sweep
away everything tell us that
this sea is a very dangerous place.
But, regardless of the person
on the board, he is navigating
the waves.
he seems to have a courageous heart
that is not afraid of bad weather
or rough waves.
It’s presented by @Ayca.

A Flying Rider (2) / @Pato.Cha
Wingsuits over Snowy Mountains
/ @HTH

A person wearing a colorful helmet
and safety gear seems to soar high
on a bicycle.
It is thought that the bicycle will
show various movements along
the direction of the twisted body
after holding the handle.
It makes me want to keep admiring
the beautiful stunts he will show us
on his bike.
It’s presented by @Pato.Cha.

In the valley overlooking
the mountain, people in suits
resembling flying squirrels
are flying.
Beneath them is a vast expanse of
snow-covered mountains, which seem
to be flying very high.
The flying suit is said to be
the most dangerous extreme sport.
However, we will want to try it
at least once if we can see such
a beautiful scenery.
It’s presented by @HTH.

Bungee jump / @azu
날아요~ / @HANALOVE

The cat, leaning on a yellow string,
is falling towards the lake.
Seeing the calm face of the cat
looking far away from the floor,
it seems that he is enjoying the
surrounding scenery with a thrill.
It contains the image of
bungee jumping, originated from
the coming-of-age ceremony
in Vanuatu.
It’s presented by @azu.

After a sky trip on a paraglider,
the child and the cat arrived
at a hill full of yellow dandelion
There are white puffy clouds
on the hill, and dandelion spores
are flying with the wind.
The bright smiles of children and
cats seem to speak of the beauty of
this landscape.
It’s presented by @HANALOVE.

Life's As Extreme As You Wanna
Make It! / @ArtisticJ0nes
Fly high! / @Andrea

Running among the mountains soaring
to the sky, the man jumps and draws
a V towards the drone that
followed him. Even though
he can't see his expression,
the exhilarating emotions he feels
are being expressed with his
whole body.
I want to enjoy the feeling of
running along a rough and rugged
mountain with him.
It’s presented by @ArtisticJ0nes.

A child and a squirrel who jumped
off a fast-flying plane in
the distant sky are enjoying
Both are looking very excited at
the feeling of swimming
in the clouds.
We wonder what kind of expression
they will make when we see the wide
land spread out under the clouds.
It’s presented by @Andrea.

Ice Climbing / @Mimo

A man in a green jumper is climbing
on a wall of ice that has been
frozen tightly and created a bizarre
Leaning on a single line, taking
ice with a pick, carefully
looking for a place to take
the next step looks very careful.
Ice climbing, an attractive sport
that can be enjoyed in winter,
It’s presented by @Mimo.

Transparent Canoe ~ Paddle❣️ / @Chen.xingru

People are rowing in canoes
and heading towards the waves
in the distance.
Unlike those who have almost reached
the waves, the person behind seems
to be looking at the sea under his
feet rather than the distant waves.
Perhaps, they couldn't keep up with
the other party because they watched
the mysterious underwater image
reflected in the transparent canoe.
It’s presented by @Chen.xingru.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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The 1st challenge of June,
‘Let’s draw Tower’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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