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[HOF] June 2022 @DigitalArtMP

Fauvism, characterized by intense
primary colors and rough forms,
is said to have expressed
the landscape with intense colors.

In particular,
it is said that it gave priority
to the artist's emotions,
to paint the colors and shapes felt
by seeing the material rather than
the actual scenery.

Therefore, it is called the starting
point of modern art because it shows
the importance of expressing
individual emotions along with
the possibility of abstraction
of colors through the harmony of
colors that do not go well together.

In the Hall of Fame in June,
Artist @DigitalArtMP was selected,
and the artist draws the scenery and
feels through unique colors and

The artist's work is full of
beautiful colors.

The numerous colors created
by nature, newly interpreted
through the artist's eyes and
emotions, create a unique and
dreamy atmosphere.

In addition, the expression of
the rough flow that expresses this
creates movement in the still
landscape, reminding us of
the changes in nature that
are taking place around us.

In addition, we can see works from
abstracts based on nature to figures
and imaginations.

The artist makes us infer
the meaning contained within
through works with abstract
feelings,and also makes us imagine
their emotions and stories
through the colors of the characters

Visit the artist's feed now
and meet works of various subjects
with beautiful colors.

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favorite works and leave
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Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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