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[Review] Challenge of May (1)

‘Sofa’, furniture that makes
our lives comfortable, was
the first challenge theme in May.

First, we’re introducing the winners
of this challenge via video.

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please check the link below.
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the 1st challenge of May

Through this challenge,
we were able to appreciate
various works of sofas.

We were able to see the atmosphere
created by changing the color and
design,and had a enjoyable time
to feel the fact that sofas are
closely related to our lives through
familiar or unfamiliar activities
on them.

Thanks to everyone who took part in
the challenge with a great
piece of art.

So shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Sleeping / @i.mary
Blue Sofa / @Sam

A child who is sleeping
on the black sofa.
But, instead of on a soft seat,
he is lying in an uncomfortable
position on the armrests between
the sofas.
Looking at the shoes placed on them,
we think the child was exhausted
from running barefoot on the sofa
and seemed to have fallen asleep,
regardless of the place.
It’s presented by @i.mary.

The place where the blue sofa is
placed is like a parlor where
important guests are greeted.
From the luxurious tables that look
like they are carved out of stone,
the curtains and carpets that match
the color of the sofa, and
the chandelier hanging from
the ceiling, everything looks like
it’s made of gold.
When you sit on this sofa,
you will feel as if you have become
a noble of the past.
It’s presented by @Sam.

°-° / @route_12
Cosy..♡ / @juni_HH

Three people in unique outfits are
sitting on a red sofa in front of
a window full of mysterious light.
Unlike the woman who looking around
with interesting eyes,
the other two have a boring
expression on their face.
We wonder where this place is and
why they have different expressions.
It’s presented by @route_12.

A flower bloomed on a purple sofa
that seemed to be abandoned
in a certain forest.
The kitten is sleeping in the most
comfortable place on the sofa
in the warm sun.
The blue butterfly, which came to
the sofa following
the scent of flowers, seems to
have landed on the armrest carefully
so as not to wake up the cat's smile
It’s presented by @juni_HH.

Sitting room / @karlinabaccart
Inside Outside / @One2three

There is a large sofa in the living
room with blue lights.
The purple sofa, along with
the blue carpet, makes the green
living room full of windows and
pots calmer and more comfortable.
It looks like it's raining outside
the window.
It makes us want to sit back on
the sofa and watch the rain fall.
It’s presented by @karlinabaccart

A green sofa is placed in the center
of the veranda where flowerpots
are placed.
Outside the window in front of
the sofa, you can see a forest
full of greenery and a tree full of
white flowers.
Looking at the tablets and pens
placed around it, we think it may be
a place where the scenery that feels
like a masterpiece is transferred
to a painting.
It’s presented by @One2three.

a mermaid's sofa / @Haneen
(Untitled) / @helgi

A mermaid living in the deep sea
is reading a book.
The lanternfish illuminates
the book like a lamp, and
the yellow fish follows it, turning
the pages as if reading a book.
The purple sofa adorned with
starfish looks spacious and
comfortable as if tailored for
a mermaid.
Looking at the book on the floor,
it seems that the mermaid has been
reading a book on the sofa
for a long time.
It’s presented by @Haneen.

On the yellow sofa, you can see
a woman in a hat and dress
She is sitting with her hands on
her chin and thinking about
Looking at his slightly dark face,
she seems to be thinking
about something.
Looking at her closed eyes,
she seems to be sleeping for a while
on a comfortable sofa.
What do you think?
It’s presented by @helgi.

sofa / @Alex_m_art

A woman with a blanket can be seen
on the yellow sofa in the dark room.
A cat is curled up and sleeping
under her feet.
There are traces of studying
on the table in front of the sofa
and books on the table next to it
Looking at the traces around her,
it seems that she hasn't gotten up
from the sofa for a long time either
It’s presented by @Alex_m_art.

Comfortable Sofa / @pigama

A woman in a green sweater is
drinking tea on the sofa.
It looks like the puppy is sleeping
on her lab.
The soft sofa seems to have become
a comfortable resting space
for two people.
A sofa, a comfortable space
for family,
It’s presented by @pigama.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The 2nd challenge of May,
‘‘Let’s draw Extreme Sports’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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