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[Interview] HOF May 2022 @4ocketart

British painter Joshua Reynolds
is known for his portraits.

Through the contrast of beautiful
colors and light and dark,
he succeeded as the first president
of the Royal Academy of Arts
in England
and got a knighted court painter
by painting a solemn
yet elegant portrait.

Nevertheless, he did not stop
researching paintings, interacting
with various people and creating
new techniques and paid so much
attention to the education
of other artists.

Artist @4ocketart , who was selected
for the Hall of Fame in May,
also looked at the figure of
a person with a vivid expression
and has been showing the beauty
distinctive attraction of portraits.

The artist's works are full of
portraits of people.

The characters carefully drawn
through lines and shades show
their thoughts through expressions
& actions
they make us imagine stories

He also shows the process of drawing
the figure of a character.
It shows how to express it in detail

We wonder how the artist came to
draw this character.

Well, let’s start the interview with
the artist.

Hello artist,
we’re the operations of PENUP.
Firstly, congratulations on
your selection for
the Hall of Fame in May.
Please briefly introduce yourself
and tell us how you feel.

A1. @4ocketart
It's an honor to be here ♥︎
I would like to express my deepest
gratitude to PENUP management team
and PENUP friends for selecting me
for the May Hall of Fame ♡

I am 4ocket Art,
and have a drawing YouTube channel
in Korea.
[What is 4ocket Art?
It’s my personal expression
for Pocket Art]

You uploaded your first work
in January 2021.
Since then, you’ve been constantly
uploading your works.
We wonder how you came to know PENUP
and start uploading your works.

A2. @4ocketart
PENUP was installed as a default app
on my Note 9, so I came to know
it naturally.
I started uploading my works
as I created my drawing
YouTube channel and started painting
in earnest in 2020.

You were portraying various
characters in the picture.
We wonder what devices and apps
you use for creating arts.

A3. @4ocketart
I use Samsung Note 9.
I am actively utilizing Samsung DeX
on Note 9 with most digital works
Including drawing and video editing
just with Note 9.

I use Samsung Note (PENUP)
for drawing apps.
I think simple design and
nine drawing tools make it
a great drawing tool to produce
artworks at professional level.

80% of all drawings I uploaded
on PENUP were drawn by tilt pencil
and oil brush tool
which my favorite tools.

You were drawing portraits of
various people, from fictional
characters in various media to
We are curious as to why
you drew such a character.

A4. @4ocketart
I like to discover and draw
the emotions,expressions and moods
of characters in various situations
in movies.

Also, I consider my subscribers for
YouTube channel & PENUP friends
would like to select or draw
the ones requested.

The one on the left,
I drew Billie Eilish by the request
of my PENUP friend, that was
how I got to know Billie and heard
her song first time.

The one on the right,
I remember that I drew Henry cavil
immediately by pausing the movie
‘Man of Steel’ before he turns
his head to the screen and
about to take off.

We see many characters in your works
and are curious which character
you choose as the subject

we’re curious about the kind of
expression you pay attention to
when drawing a figure like this.

A5. @4ocketart
It relates to the previous question,
but in fact, the topic is not limited
to characters.

I can draw landscapes or still lives
and I plan to expand it
in various ways in the future.
But still,
the portraits are fascinating.
Even if I limit the topic to
only characters, I won't get bored
because there are many things to
express in it.

I like to sketch outdoors and
draw models in front of them.

When I was young,
my family mainly modeled me, and
when I was in college,
I drew my friends as models.
After that, I went to a painting
meeting to find a model, and
certainly when I draw landscapes
outdoors or in front of a real model
I get a vivid feeling.

Changes in light, subtle movements
create tension, when the painting
is completed, it feels more special.

There are certain things
I try to keep when I draw portraits.
First, I try to think that it is not
just a character in the movie
but they are modeling for me.

Second, I do not draw pictures or
captured images posted on line or
free photo sharing sites.
there are always exceptions perhaps
However, I draw the captured one
in detail while watching a movie
like I decide the pose of a model.

So, it takes a long time to get
a reference image even after
deciding what kind of person to draw
Sometimes I can't get it even after
I've seen a whole movie.

I think the mindset in drawing is
just as important as drawing
in front of a great real model.
The last one is the personality of
each character.
I’d like to say it this way,
It is the feeling beyond appearance.
Sometimes I can tell who he is just
by walking from a distance,
in his silhouette, in his hairstyle,
in subtle movements, or even just
a part of his face.
So, even if 90% of the characters
are transformed, distorted, or
deleted, I tried to preserve
the uniqueness of these individuals
and not to miss it.

You used achromatic colors
to capture the facial expressions
of the characters.

We're curious about the reason why
you mainly use these colors.
Also, we're curious about
the meaning of the colored works..

A6. @4ocketart
At first, I was only going to paint
in color.
However, It took a long time,
so I guess people considered that
I mainly draw black and white
paintings that were uploaded
frequently to YouTube and PENUP.

The early drawings of
Robert Downey Jr. were drawn using
PENUP's nine tools.
After that, I draw detailed sketches
only with the tilt pencil tool.
I used only this tool in black color
to test the limit tool in PENUP
I tried to draw pure pencil drawings
with PENUP as if I was sketching
with only a 4B pencil and an eraser
when I was drawing in real.
Afterwards, I added grey colors
by level and smudged pencil lines
with smudge brush to give
the feeling in charcoal paintings.

I uploaded the colored painting for
Keanu Revees as the 4th of my work.
It is a scene where he run away
as a target of an assassin, and
I tried to capture the tiredness
and desperation of his face.
Perhaps you will get a different
feeling if you see this drawing
in black and white.
It depends on the way of expression,
but black-and-white paintings
seem to bring out concentration and
sophisticated feeling, and
color paintings are good for
expressing mystery, splendor,
and hyperrealism.

Your feed which contains the process
of how to draw the work also drew
our attention.
We’re curious as to why you're
including this process in your feed.

A7. @4ocketart
I am posting this in the hope that
it will be helpful to those who are
curious about the painting process
or to those who are learning to draw
for the first time. Occasionally,
some of my YouTube subscribers
left comments asking me to upload
a drawing course.

When I started my drawing YouTube,
there was a plan to make a painting
tutorial as a video, but so far
I am only uploading videos that
contain only the process of painting
In the future, I plan to
upload content that will be useful
to you through YouTube and PENUP.

Due to the detailed description,
it is expected that it will take
quite a long time to draw the work.

We wonder how long it usually takes
to draw one character.

A8. @4ocketart
I'd say about 2 upto 20 hours.
Occasionally, I answer this
for people who are curious about
the drawing time,
but I tend to focus more on
the completeness of the picture
rather than the time.

BTS V on the right took an hour
and Yoo Ah-in on the left seems
to have taken about three hours.

There are a lot of characters
in your works, so we wonder which
character is the most memorable
for you to draw.

And we wonder if you have any plans
to paint subjects other than portraits
in the future.

A9. @4ocketart
The picture of Yuna
from Brave Girls’
‘Liquor Habit’, released in Aug 2021
is very memorable.
I remember not uploading the drawing
because I didn't like it
after the completion, then I had to
edit it again a month later,
was struggling to finish it.

I remember being so grateful for
being selected as
a staff recommendation
when I uploaded a picture.

In the future, I have plans to paint
various paintings,
such as landscapes, still lives,
and animals, as well as portraits.

In addition, I plan to create
an oil pastel feel
by mixing watercolor, oil painting,
and oil painting brushes and pastels
that utilize the characteristics of
the 9 tools in PENUP,
and express a different picture with
techniques of various materials.

This is the last question.
Please tell us
Any improvements or stories
you want to share
while using PENUP.

A10. @4ocketart
I think PENUP is already a drawing
sharing social network
used by people all over the world
and a great drawing app.

When I used it for the first time,
there were definitely things
I wanted you to improve,
but after using it for almost a year,
I got so used to PENUP, so
those things are erased in my mind.
I think it is a perfect platform..

But to give you a few thoughts,
I don’t want the features of PENUP
in drawing tools
be like any other drawing apps.

I think we can use the other apps
if we want the same features from them.
This could be tricky,
but I think the merits I felt
while using PENUP first time could
vanish despite of the convenience
compared to the past due to
the addition of various brushes
and features that makes work
environment complicated.

There are obviously features that
will be added and upgraded,
but I hope that the various PENUP
artists will work sufficiently with
the changes to be made to the areas
that we want to PENUP to improve.

So, I humbly suggest
just a marker tool.
I just had to give an idea at least.

Lastly, I would like to express
my gratitude once again to the PEUNP
team and PENUP friends for
being able to get the opportunity
for this interview ♡

This is an article I often quote
when I talk about pictures, but
I will write it here
as the last word.

All feelings (Filling) tend to
Be exacerbated by repetition.
-J. Sully-

PENUP mates! Keep up your great
art activities and stay happy!

How was the interview with

Joshua Reynolds emphasized
the importance of hard work and
sincerity by saying,
‘If you have great talent,
hard work will make it shine,
and if you have ordinary talent,
diligence compensates for the lack.'

The artist was showing
the importance of hard work and
sincerity to put in one work through
the detailed expressions that record
the drawing process and include it
in the work as well.

Everyone who’s reading this,
how about drawing every day using
various contents of PENUP?

With experiments with the harmony
of various colors through coloring,
It will be great to learn how to
draw through live drawing and
find your own color and style
for drawing.

We hope that PENUP will always be
full of novelty with everyone's work.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team