2022-05-19. AM 02:13
PENUP Introduce new functions

Hello, PENPLEs.

‘Layer Mask’, ‘Drop Shadow’
and ‘Fill Color’ features are added
on PENUP with the latest update.

Today, we’d like to introduce
how to complete an artwork
with newly added features on PENUP

Introducing the first feature,
Layer Mask

Have you ever wanted to change
colors of a picture drawn in PENUP
and decorate it beautifully?

In that case,
try using the layer mask feature!

Select the layer first, then turn on
Layer Mask feature from the option.

We changed the black color of
the text to red.

No need to erase and draw again or
worry about color intrusion.
You can change the color you filled
in the layer or decorate it
with various colors.

Introducing the second feature,
Drop Shadow

If you want a little different image
you can change the picture
three-dimensionally through
the drop shadow function.

We added three-dimensional effect
on the calligraphy ‘Everyone is
an Artist’ by floating a shadow.

Same with the layer mask,
you can go to the settings
on the layer and turn on Drop Shadow
to automatically add shadow on it

It would be great to use
Drop Shadow feature
to make three-dimensional effects.

Introducing the third feature,
Fill Color

Color fills previously
seen in PENUP's coloring are
now available in drawings as well
with an update.

We sketched flowers and leaves
to decorate the calligraphy
even more then we could decorate
the drawing conveniently with
fill color feature.

Draw various figures and select
paint container and color to fill
color and touch the figure
to fill it out.

But please be reminded before
creating beautiful artworks that
a wide area can be filled
based on the area you select
or for a that figure is not closed

We learned about
the new features of PENUP
by completing one work like this.

Update PENUP to the newest version
and check out additional features
If you did not update it yet!

We’ll always monitor
everyone’s feedback and
do our best to make everyone
enjoy with PENUP.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team