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  • Hi, PEN.ples ^^

    During June, PEN.UP was full of a variety of animals including the endangered ones which have been severely affected by thawing glaciers due to the environmental change and senseless poaching, and those which continue to disappear because of ruthless destruction of such habitats as swamps and forests.

    We are very proud and grateful that we created an opportunity for the world to know the conditions of the endangered animals and to remember them through this challenge.

    As you can see on the challenge banner, besides the lesser panda, the Fennec Fox, the golden snub-nosed monkey, the giant panda, such unexpected animals as the eagle, the crocodile, the spider, the owl, the dolphin, the polar bear, the bison, etc. surprised us.

    Your active participation seemed to have made much stronger people's affection for the disappearing animals.
  • Especially, we said that we would send "Endangered Animal Battery Pack" made by Samsung to those selected participants.
    You have also expected, a lot, this battery pack which is popular for its portability and beautiful design.

    When the challenge theme was announced on June 1, we mentioned several criteria for selection. Do you remember them?
  • At this challenge as well, we had a great difficulty in selecting 10 nominees from so many great pictures.

    Then, let's find out who the selected participants are with their pictures.
    With your eyes wide open, take a look till the end.
    And please give a congratulatory message to the selected people.
  • ■ ‘SKY’ _ To fly freely in the high skies
  • The first animals to look over are birds such as the eagle, the ruler of the skies and the owl.
    The bird category has the second largest number of submissions after the mammal. Their styles of rendering have distinctive properties.
  • @Azmarina created a bird by wildly dropping a variety of colors.
    The rendering of the hummingbird and the eagle, the number of which is diminishing, are beautiful and impressive.
    Most of the works @Azmarina submitted for the challenge are created with the same method, which is really outstanding.

    @Spectre represented the attractive eye lines of the Philippine eagle, which is considered to be the biggest in the world. It is said that it is fearful even to approach this eagle because of its giant size.
    But why do we feel sorry rather than fear about the eagle in the picture?

    Humans' greed for catching the birds, which would desire to fly freely, has made their number diminish.
  • The third ruler of the skies is the owl and the toucan, which is called "the gem of Amazon."
    Is the woman in the first picture @sema herself?
    The lovely owl perching on her shoulder seems to represent her wish to keep that creature close to her like a pet.
    The second is the toucan, the gem of Amazon.
    This animal which lives in South America is very popular as a peculiar one especially with children because of its large beak.
    The large yellow beak is really attractive!
  • ■ ‘SEA’ _ To swim in the vast and blue seas
  • The Cephalorhynchus hectori, which should swim freely in the vast oceans, is also called "the white head dolphin."
    @kackra represented the sad expression of the dolphin, the size of which is like that of a human.
    And this picture attracted lots of attention of PEN.ple by providing the correct name of the dolphin.
  • Althogh it is not in the sea, @beepwhenifly rendered the seal, as the second animal, which can live both in the sea and on the land freely.
    The animal, which is called "Hawaiian monk seal," inhabit the Hawaiian archipelago on the verge of extinction.
    Their number is diminishing, which seems to be expressed in their sorry and struggling faces.
    And the correct name of the animal pleased many PEN.ple.
  • ■ ‘Ground’ _ To run joyfully in the forest
  • Many PEN.ple represented those animals running joyfully on the land and in the forest.

    @NYS-ART created a chameleon of splendid colors, which would make people think it is a photograph at a first glance.
    It looks as if it is about to throw its long and sticky tongue to catch a fly. But the reptile are pushed to the brink of extinction as human activities become more violent.
    Don't you want to preserve their beautiful colors?

    The next is @tony82's the wombat. It is staring directly at the front as if getting lost in the forest.
    The wombat look like the rat, but they are not rodents, but marsupials like the kangaroo and the koala.
    What a cute animal this is! There would be many PEN.ple who would feel like this.
  • @rammohan rendered a mother rhinoceros and a baby rhinoceros.
    This picture is like a dreamy scene in which a mother and a baby touch each other with their noses.

    There are many kinds of rhinoceroses, but the overall number of them is also diminishing, which makes them a threatened species.
    Reasonably, they are hardly seen in the zoo in Korea.
  • ■ ‘Iced ground’ _ To make the owners of the snow field hopeful
  • @Lanz created a white tiger coming in a stately and brave manner, and @tony82 represented a mother polar bear holding a baby suggesting a maternal love.

    @Lanz is successful in capturing the overall atmosphere and distinctiveness rather than sticking to details.

    @tony82 focuses on not only the warm mood but also the details of even a single strand of the hair.
    They are totally different renderings of animals, but are the same in that the two subjects are the owners of the snow field.

    Their habitats are disappearing little by little as the snow is melting due to the climate warming. Is there any way to see them for a longer time?

    Now, the ten participants have been introduced. Congratulations! >_<
  • Azmarina
  • We are really grateful to all of you for your participation and drawings of animals.
    Following May's challenge for drawing heroes, this challenge was also useful because we had an opportunity to learn about the endangered animals.

    So now we are going to deliver the Animal battery pack to the 10 selected people.
    Send us [your ID, real name, address, and contact number at the address] below.
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