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[Challenge] 2022. May : Let's draw Extreme Sports

Some peopele enjoy thrills and speed
Extreme sports have various types.

Sports like surfing & snowboarding,
we are familiar with
are also said to be one type.

We enjoy sports such as paragliding
and hang gliding in the sky as well.
Scuba diving into the deep sea,
Coming down to the steep valley
by boat & oars or climbing a valley,
so many sports that challenge
the limit against danger are
included in extreme sports.

The second challenge topic of May is
'Extreme Sports’ that we enjoy
in extreme situations.

Leap of Faith / @HTH
Sky diving / @AntoineKhanji

Extreme sports have spread around
the world in the 1970s, when various
sports enjoyed on the streets became
known through competitions and TV

After that, many sports with thrill
and adventure in various places were
spread and new sports were created
as they are growing variously.

At first, it was a sport that
young people learned and enjoyed
by themselves but now many people in
various age brackets enjoy
extreme sports with standardized
equipment and systematic training

Falling /@5766
Sports / @Soheil

It is said that the charm of
extreme sports is the sense of
accomplishment that comes from
adventure and challenge.

It is said that the various emotions
gained in the process of challenging
and overcoming the impossible in
various environments make one
develop positive thoughts
and attitudes.

Also, the beautiful scenery we see
through them cannot be seen unless
we challenge it.
So, it becomes a motivation to
step up for another challenge
in a different place.

I would be great to draw
the extreme sports you want to try
and the landscape you want to see.

Speed up!! / @BacGyver
extreme ski / @Nigart

Extreme sports are very
dangerous sports.

There is always a danger that could
lead to death, to the extent to
challenge the limits of human beings

Therefore, experts say that
they are enjoying the thrill and
adventure of extreme sports
by constantly practicing & training
to keep safety to practice and train
various equipment & methods of exercise.

What extreme sports
are you thinking of now?

Join the challenge with
your drawings from the ones you want
to try or your imaginary scenes with
extreme sports.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from May. 16(Mon) to May. 31(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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