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[HOF] May 2022 @4ocketart

A portrait of a person that
has been drawn since ancient times.

At first, the painting itself cost
a lot of money.
So, it was mostly depictions of
political rulers.

Since then, with the development
of various art tools,
It is said that the general public
also records the appearance of
individuals or families more often.

However, it has only maintained its
legacy since the birth of the camera.
Now, it is being re-emerged as
a new way to capture memories
and records,loved by many people.

In the Hall of Fame for May,
@4ocketart is selected who is drawing
different memories through portraits
of various people

The artist's works are
full of portraits of people.

The appearance of characters in
movies and TV Shows the stories
they create through various
expressions and actions.

In addition, various elements that
are carefully expressed
such as contrast, hair, and
facial muscles are making us vividly
imagine the scenes that
the characters encounter as if
it is meeting them in real in person

we can feel that the artist is
observing and researching people via
the feed containing how to draw.

The figure of a person who forms
an outline from a simple line seems
to convey the feelings the artist
felt step by step and this makes us
realize the fact that anyone can
draw people with an effort.

Please drop by the artist’s feed and
meet various characters with vivid
facial expressions.

with congratulations,
leave a 'Like' on artworks
and make a comment on the stories
you imagined by looking at
unfamiliar characters.

Please look forward to upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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