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[Challenge] 2022. May : Let's draw Sofa

Among furniture in the living room,
the sofa is an important object that
determines the atmosphere of
the living room

There are long sofas that can seat
several people, armchairs that can
sit alone, recliners with adjustable
angles and sofa beds that transform
into beds.

There are various shapes and
materials to make, so leather, cloth
stone or wood can be used.
From armrests to backrests to
cushions, ornaments are added or
carved according to taste.

The first challenge topic in May
Is ‘Sofa’ that makes
our living comfortable.

Sofa Set / @itsBAANISANDHU
home / @Nemo

The shape of the sofa has been
established in France in the 18C.

At that time, it is said that sofas
with beautiful curves were
very popular because Rococo and
Art Nouveau styles were applied.

Since then, the shapes and patterns
symbolized by each era have changed,
and the furniture has become
a piece of furniture that reflects
the artistic sensibility of the time

In particular, it is said that
the design of the sofa can be
guessed by knowing the style of
painting that prevailed in that era,
as it is heavily influenced by
trendy art.

Lectora2 / @Louib.arte
Princess Cat / @X1Moy

Chairs and sofas have slightly
different purposes of use.

If chairs were created to play
a secondary role in sitting
such as studying or working,
sofas were focused on comfortability
sleep, rest, etc.
so they have a lot of differences
in materials and style.

Therefore, from soft items such as
cotton or ergonomically designed
sofas to modern materials and
designs are used to create an object
that we can lean our body on
the most comfortable way.

It will be fun to design the sofa
you want to have.

Cat Nap / @tinamariegallox
Livin' Room / @Na-chin

The recliner, which can adjust
the inclination to fit the body,
is considered to be a recently
made sofa, but actually it has been
in a long while made right after
the sofa was born.

At first, it was a simple way to
adjust it by inserting it into
the groove, but now it can be
adjusted with one button and
the tilt can be changed much
more freely.

In addition, by maximizing these
adjustment functions,
Recliners are being developed
for people with reduced mobility
or patients, which is to be
developing into a sofa that anyone
can use.

What sofa are you thinking of now?

Join the challenge
from your favorite one to
various sofas you want to have
or imagine.
This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from May. 1(Sun) to May. 15(Sun).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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