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[Challenge] 2022. April : Let's draw Garpe

A grape with numerous kernels
on one stem is a fruit with
a sweet and sour taste.

From the purple that comes to mind
when you think of grapes in various
colors such as green or maroon,
It also catches our eyes.

They are said to come in many shapes
and sizes, from long grapes with
large grains to heart-shaped or
small bead-sized scatter grapes.

There are many ways to eat it like
you can make it with juice or
alcohol, make it with jam or vinegar
or dry and eat it.

The second challenge topic in April
is ‘Grape’,
which is called the fruit of God.

white wine~~↓↓ / @kwonjossi
Grape / @eunkyung

Grapes are said to be the most
cultivated fruit in the world that
has been eaten for 8,000 years.

However, it is said that they were
eaten dried or made alcohol
rather than fruit in the past.

It is said that because the grapes
easily spoiled and damaged during
the transportation process,
so it was easier to store them.

The reason why grapes were depicted
holding grapes in the figure of
emperors and nobles in paintings
and movie is also said to be because
grapes were very expensive fruits
due to storage problems.

grape valley / @tontobruce
Searching for Food / @AngrullaMF

Grapes are said to symbolize
abundance and fertility.

It is said that this is because
a single tree usually produces
40 to 50, up to 4000 fruits,and
many fruits are attached to the fruit.

So, with this meaning,
it is said that it was used as
the subject of pottery or painting
in the East.
while it was used to express
the blessings of God in the West.

Even now,
the appearance of buildings and
objects is still being used with
various meanings,so it would be good
to draw the shape of an object
resembling a grape that impressed

포도 / @seunghyun
Wine time. / @MKDesigLife

Grapes are a nutrient-dense fruit.

In particular,
a component called glucose, which is
the source of energy for living,
was also discovered in grapes.

And the astringent taste of grapes
has detoxification and sterilization
and hemostatic properties,
so it has been used to make alcohol
or dry food from the past.

What kind of grapes do you think of?

Join the challenge by drawing
various grapes from your favorite
grapes to growing landscapes
and the ones in delicious food.
This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Apr. 16(Sat) to Apr. 30(Sat).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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