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[Review] Challenge of March (2)

‘‘Jewel’, a mineral that captivates
the heart with its beautiful color
and shape, was the second challenge
topic in March.

Firstly, we’re introducing
the winners of the challenge.

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the 2nd challenge of March

We were able to see various kinds of
gems through this challenge,

We could see the jewels with unique
colors and shapes to various
accessories made by crafting jewels
and have a good time to imagine
new things via stories about jewels.

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with great artworks.

Now, shall we meet the winners
of this challenge?

spring inspiration / @Sam
♡ True Love ♡ / @kirstyandCo

A necklace made of silver and
precious stones is placed on
a black stone.
Inspired by spring flowers that
have fallen on the floor,
the pendant is beautifully sparkling
with jewels that resemble
the color of flowers.
The bright pink color makes us feel
like we can breathe the scent of
spring all over the place.
A necklace decorated with beautiful
jewels that everyone want to have,
It’s presented by @Sam.

A ring adorned with diamonds and
a simple ring are placed on
the two hands with the little finger
The sparkling hearts embroidered on
the white fabric and background make
the rings of different shapes feel
like a pair.
The two are promising a love that
will last forever like a ring.
It’s presented by @kirstyandCo.

Engaged ♡♡♡ / @FREDERICKDC
Warm Heart / @Prashant

The woman is looking at someone
with her hand on her chin.
A ring adorned with green jewels is
placed on her fourth finger, which
makes it natural to imagine
the person invisible in the picture
as well as her expression and
the emotions in her eyes.
The work reminds us of Emerald
symbolizes eternity and immortality,
It’s presented by @FREDERICKDC.

A heart-shaped jewel is placed
on the sand.
The jewel, as if it had just
been found buried, shimmers red and
radiates light and warmth.
But the surrounding doesn't look
like a place for a gem.
Do the ants that seem to be
attracted to bright light know why
the jewel is placed here?
It’s presented by @Prashant.

Bridal Jewelry / @Sugan
girl with pearl earrings / @lyh

She wears colorful jewels all over
her body.
From crowns adorning the head to
accessories made of many jewels,
Even the dress embroidered with
shiny threads is adorning
today's heroine,the most beautiful
and special woman in the world.
The image of a beautiful bride
shining more than jewels,
It’s presented by @Sugan.

Above her lap, with an apple on her
chin and her chin resting, a pair of
sparkling white pearl earrings are
attached to her ear.
One work often creates many stories.
There are many stories that come to
mind as to what kind of story
the girl with the pearl earring
is thinking.
It’s presented by @lyh.

кристалл / @Dmitry
Crystal Sea / @ArtistUnknown

A dark yellow gem with cracks
reveals a black silhouette.
Its appearance reminds me of amber,
a jewel that contains a mystery
from a long time ago.
What kind of past is contained
in the jewel?
We’re curious about the story
behind it.
It’s presented by @Dmitry.

It is the appearance of a huge
crystal that appeared in front of
her as she dived deep into the sea.
It seems that the crystal is
mysteriously sparkling in the light
pouring over the water surface,
creating the mysterious
color of the sea.
The beautiful crystal sea that
we want to visit once in life,
It’s presented by @ArtistUnknown.

Emerald in the water
/ @Zeinabmeselmani

There is a jewel that emits a white
light above the surface of the water.
The smoke that rises over the jewel
feels like water vapor from
the coolness of the water,
and the white light that pours over
it feels like frost that rises
from the sky and falls back
to the ground.
The eye-catching emerald blooming
like a flower in water,
It’s presented by @Zeinabmeselmani.

석류석 / Garnet / @RRA

With red hair, red eyes, and
a red dress, she looks like
a beautiful jewel that shines.
The appearance of a pomegranate
holding a it in her gloved hands
seems to point to the jewel that
makes her shine.
January's birthstone, the symbolizes
truth and friendship that contains
the image of garnet.
It’s presented by @RRA

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The 1st challenge of April,
‘Let’s draw Deer’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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