2022-03-30. AM 02:01
[HOF] April 2022 @gelina

It is said that still life paintings
have been loved by both East & West

This allows you to easily find
materials around objects, flowers,
plants, fruits, food and you can
draw them in daily life.

There is no movement, so it is
possible to observe for a long time
it is used as a method to practice
the basics of drawing by simplification.
Currently, it is also widely used
in other areas than drawing.

For the Hall of Fame in April,
Artist @gelina has been selected
who has been beautifully drawing
landscapes and imaginations with her,
starting with the appearance of
various still lifes,

The artist's works contain various
aspects of their surroundings.

It shows the process of examining
and researching the nature of
objects in detail, from natural
materials such as leaves, flowers
to still lifes of food and objects.

These materials harmonize with
each other to create a feeling
that various elements are closely
connected to each other through
works of nature or surrounding

In addition, various subjects
ranging from works drawn using
coloring to animals, people,
and imagination are also presented
through unique colors,expressions.

By paying attention to her
surroundings by observing
and continuing her new imagination
using her,the artist makes us feel
her love and effort for painting.

Please drop by artist
@gelina's gallery and meet various
works including still life paintings

Please do not forget to 'Like'
on the works you like
with congratulations &
leave your comments.

Please look forward to
the upcoming interview
with the artist as well.
Thank you.

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