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[Challenge] 2022. April : Let's draw Deer

Brown hair and dazzling eyes.
A deer with branched antlers,
There are various types of deer.

Reindeer famous for Santa's sleigh,
or a white-tailed deer that became
famous in novels and animations,
and it is said that there is also
a deer called the Four Buddhas that
resemble the characteristics of
donkey and horse, cow and deer.

In addition, a baby deer, which is
always the size of a baby deer,
a horse-sized wapiti deer with
various sizes or a moose with
distinctive wide horns to elk
without horns, there are all different
shapes of deer.

1st challenge topic of April is
Deer, an animal with beautiful horns.

~ As The Deer ~ / @Sina
Magic Deer Light! / @Prashant

Deer have been considered
sacred all over the world.

Because of the horns that grow back
even after being cut off,
they are sometimes thought of
as supernatural beings and
people thought they are animals
that don't die and live long as
they were also considered to be
messengers of the gods.

Because of this image, deer are
sometimes drawn on coats of arms
that symbolize European cities or
prestigious families and people
even made helmets and crowns
resembling horns.

deer.. / @flavin_and_juan
deer / @skm

Deer antlers only exist in males.

Horns that only grow when
they become adults are said to be
so hard that they were used as
weapons in ancient times.

When the breeding season approaches,
the horns become the most colorful,
and after this period,
they separate and grow again.

Each deer has a different look.
It would be fun to draw the horns of
deer that you were impressed with.

Deer my Moon /@hosio
A deer / @Hanna-aris

Deer has bright eyes,a thin body
and the image of being hunted
by predators.
a fearfull image of a fragile animal

However, the actual deer is an animal
that is strong enough to rebel
against predators and make them
give up hunting because of
its horns and kicks.

They are very expressive of emotions
such as waving their tails when
they are happy or raising their
upper lip when they are angry.

What kind of deer
do you think of right now?
From running with beautiful horns
to the appearance of a sacred animal
or a symbol, join the challenge with
various appearances of deer.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Apr. 1(Fri) to Apr. 15(Fri).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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