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[Review] Challenge of March (1)

‘Sprout’ which grows underground
and announces a new beginning,
was the first challenge topic in Mar

Firstly, we’re introducing
the winners of the challenge.

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the 1st challenge of March

Through this challenge, We were able
to see the appearance of a sprout
called the herald of spring.

Through the appearance of sprouts
blooming in various landscapes,
We were able to feel the mystery
and beauty of nature.
Through the artworks with
the feeling in sprouts,it was a fun
time to think of a new beginning.

Thanks to everyone who took part in
the challenge with a great
piece of art.

Then, shall we meet the winners
of the challenge?

Life Will Always Find a Way.
/ @Kchana
finally i find a sprout
/ @JM.Dulansa

Looking at the astronaut's helmet,
this wasteland seems to be somewhere
in the distant universe.
As we see a green sprout growing in
a desolate place,
this seems to be a place where
oxygen exists.
Seeing that only footprints and
helmets remain,it seems to convey
the urgency and joy of an astronaut.
It’s presented by @Kchana.

The white snow field
has sprouted buds.
It seems that spring hasn't arrived,
snow is still falling from the sky.
The woman in the red dress
looking at the blooming buds
covering the snow with an umbrella
to welcome spring safely and sending
warmth and light through
the warm fireplace.
whishing for sprouts to grow safely,
It's presented by @JM.Dulansa.

(Untitled) / @vlad
green ♡ life / @Nisia

Sunlight pours in inside the house
overlooking the tall building.
The owner of the house opens
the window and brings a flowerpot
where sprouts grow to the window
to help photosynthesis.
Ventilation and sunbathing are
important for both humans & plants.
It seems that both the owner of
the house and the buds who greeted
this time will be filled with
a refreshing feeling.
It’s presented by @vlad.

Even in the forest full of
large moss-covered trees,beautiful
flowers were in full bloom as if
spring had come.
A small bud also appeared on
the fallen tree.
It looks like it will grow into
a large tree that makes up
this dense forest by feeding
on dead trees.
The appearance of cycling nature,
it’s presented by @Nisia.

Sprouts to Us, Forest to Her
/ @LisaBme
Sprout / @Anna

Various sprouts grown on the grass
in spring started to sprout in
their own shape.
To the little mouse that seems to
have gone out for a walk in spring,
the meadow where sprouts grow seems
to feel like a large forest.
Even the small hill the mouse is
standing on right now may be
the sprout lifting the ground.
It’s presented by @LisaBme.

The child seems to be sleeping in
the mother's arms. As she walks
through the sun-drenched forest,
her face is smiling brightly,
but tears appear to form in
one of her eyes.
We are curious about the story of
the two who are entwined with
the sprout in their hand & forest
What kind of story do you imagine?
It’s presented by @Anna.

Spring Sun / @alli.w
Reflections of Potential / @Lailer

The cold fog that surrounded the sun
is slowly dissipating.
The snow-covered ground gradually
begins to melt in the sunlight,
and small buds are in full bloom
in the warmest places.
The sprout seems to signal the end
of the cold winter and
the beginning of spring.
It’s presented by @alli.w.

On the ground in the rain,
the sprout sticks its head out.
But beneath that, the roots of
the sprout spread widely into
the deep ground.
Perhaps it has been a long time
waiting for the moment to sprout.
We wonder what this sprout will
look like when it grows.
It’s presented by @Lailer.

new growth / @Purplemom
in the eyes 目の中の芽(ⓛωⓛ)
/ @azu

The tree with the tire swing
is dyed light green,in the spring,
you can see the equipment
for farming such as a watering can
and a hoe, as if the fields were
cleaned and stones were picked.
Small sprouts are now growing
on the furrows.
We wonder how this sprout will grow
and what it will look like after
It’s presented by @Purplemom.

It's like a cat hiding in the dark.
The reflection of the blue eyes is
the appearance of a healthy green
sprout growing right there
the sprouts are dripping with water.
Perhaps it was the cat that
was caring for it until it sprouted.
It’s presented by @azu.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The 2nd challenge of March,
‘Let’s draw Jewel’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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