2022-03-14. AM 03:23
[Notice] PENUP Update Ver 3.9.2

Greetings. PENPLE’s.

PENUP is updated to new ver. 3.9.2

After recently updating to 3.9.1,
we have discovered some bugs and
errors on specific android devices.

We sincerely apologise that
we didn’t notice these problems
before releasing version 3.9.1
due to it happening to
only some devices

We were able to find out & fix bugs
and errors via many users’ reports.

To make sure we do not face
more errors on the new version 3.9.2
we have carefully checked
as many devices as possible.

sorry for the belated announcement.

Please, update to the latest version
Hope you continuously enjoy PENUP

We keep striving to repay
your loyalty with better service.

Thank you

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-The PENUP Team