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[Challenge] 2022. March : Let's draw Jewel

It is said that magma formed by
melting underground rocks creates
various minerals.

It hardens to become volcanic rock,
but it also becomes a gem with
a beautiful color when it meets
environments such as cracks in rocks
or groundwater.

Depending on the element,
these gems may have unique colors
such as red, blue, green, purple,
and also, different values
by the size of crystal and
processing method.

The second challenge in March is a
a beautiful and rare mineral that
has captured the hearts of mankind.

icedrop / @Edam_cheese

The first jewel is sparkling
sea shells or the bones of a beast.

In ancient Egypt, it is said that
minerals were first used gemstones
such as gold and turquoise that
resembled the sun.

After that, it spread to Greece and
used emeralds or rubies while
minerals of various colors were
gradually used as gemstones.

Afterwards, a French chemist,
Bernoulli, made a synthetic ruby
made by hardening crystal and they
started being used for industries.

ur a gem / @termybug
Red diamond 💎 / @Shine

Birthstones were popular in Europe
in the 18th century.

Originally, it consisted of 12
different gems for each month,
but it spreads around the world
and includes gems used in the East,
So, one to three gems exist
every month.

Each birthstone has
a different meaning.
It would be fun to find
the birthstone and meaning of
the month in which you were born
and draw a picture.

/ @vuckethead
Dragonfly Jewel / @Sam

Gems are not just pure minerals.

Pearls made by shellfish,
corals processed from coral reefs,
amber made from rosin hardened like
fossils, etc.
They are classified as gems
even though they are not minerals

Moissanite, also called stardust
is found only in meteorites,
so it has a higher value than
artificially made gemstones.

What jewelry are you thinking of?

From your birthstone to jewelry
with your favorite color or shape,
Draw a variety of shapes and
challenge yourself with the jewels
that appear in various stories.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from Mar. 16(Wed) to Mar. 31(Thu).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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