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[Review] Challenge of February (2)

‘Noodles’, known as the first fast food
in mankind were the second challenge
topic in February.

We were able to see various noodles
through this challenge.

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the 2nd challenge of February

From the food we eat often,
We could also see the artworks about
noodles with cultural aspects
while enjoying this happy moment
with imagination to share noodles
with everyone sitting around

Thanks to all who participated in
the challenge with great artworks.

shall we meet the winners' artworks?

Big bowl of noodles / @Sam
Fried Noodle Shop / @2catsnow

The white bowl contains noodles
topped with fried egg.
Noodles seasoned with chilli and
green onions look extra spicy.
Or it may be a sweet & salty
with special sauce.
We want to try the actual taste.
It’s presented by @Sam.

The chef who looks careful
is preparing the dish by putting
ingredients on the wok.
Noodles floating in the air
at his touch and ingredients mixed
togeter on flaming fire,
It's making us looking forward to
its smell and taste.
We wonder the look of the food once
when it’s served.
It’s presented by @2catsnow.

Noodle / @abbywongbonnie
食べガール:麺 / @pigama

The one in the tray contains noodles
that have just been taken out of
the hot water and are steaming.
Noodles are said to have a firm
texture when they meet in cold water
We don't know how the dishes made
with these noodles will taste,
but the appearance of the noodles
is already making our mouths watery.
It’s presented by @abbywongbonnie.

Eggs and seaweed are visible on
the red noodle dish filled with
noodles and broth.
the pork soaking in it,
It's probably Japanese ramen.
Seeing her wearing earrings made of
large green onions and ingredients
tied to her hair,
We can guess her love for ramen.
It’s presented by @pigama.

comfort, warmth / @gelina
얼큰한 라면~~ / @kwonjossi

The noodles in the bowl become
long yarn, two chopsticks became
needles for knitting.
Cats are approaching and eating
in a long-woven ramen
scarf wrapped around her neck.
It seems that she wants to feed
delicious ramen to cats that
can't eat hot food.
It’s presented by @gelina

The bowl contains instant noodles
with squiggly noodles.
There are green vegetables and
green onions on top, but the red of
noodles and soup is reminiscent of
the spicy taste.
Nevertheless, seeing the noodles
picked up with chopsticks
makes mouth watering immediately.
The look of a spicy ramen in Korea,
It’s presented by @kwonjossi.

Noodle dream :) / @Goldie
Noodles / @Crislemos

The expression on his face is that
he eats the noodles seems to
have been deeply moved.
As if immersed in noodle dishes,
the noodles and vivid ingredients
that wrap around his body seem to
capture the taste of his cuisine.
We wonder what noodles made a huge
impression on you.
It’s presented by @Goldie.

From the table to the plate,
the hands holding the chopsticks
look full of coldness.
However, the noodles have a warmth
that is contrary to the surroundings
as the ingredients of various colors
harmonize and hot steam rises.
We think the surrounding scenery
will feel warm If you put the raised
noodles in your mouth.
It’s presented by @Crislemos

Birthday / @One2three

Older man is eating noodles at
the table with red fruits.
A smiling face makes him feel
the happiness like on his birthday.
In the East, noodles are said to
symbolize longevity, so they were
eaten without cutting them.
The long noodles he picked up
seem to contain the happy years
of his life.
It’s presented by @One2three.

Mama's Secret Recipe / @Dr.Gazi

Noodles carefully made with various
vegetables and flower-shaped
ingredients are included
in the lunch box.
The note that says “Smile” makes us
feel like we want to
have a smiling day.
It is said that even if you know
your mother recipe, but there are
many cases you can't reproduce
the taste.
The appearance of noodles flavored
with the secret recipe of
a mother's love that cannot
be contained any food,
it’s presented by @Dr.Gazi.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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Thank you.

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