2022-02-25. AM 02:19
[HOF] March 2022 @AngrullaMF

It is said that abstraction started
from questioning.

It is said that,
starting with Impressionism,
which was born by asking questions
of the static appearance of nature
painters began to ask numerous
questions about the existing methods

It is said that
the Fauvism of intense color
was born by asking questions about
visible colors, and Cubism was
created by doubting the flat picture

It is also said that
abstract painting was born by asking
questions about reproducing
the most basic aspects of painting,

such as mythology, history, & nature

In the March Hall of Fame,
@AngrullaMF was selected with
the pieces with abstract feelings
to ask many questions about
the natural landscapes.

The artist's works are full of
abstract nature.

The unique and mysterious abstract
paintings that has combination of
lines, colors and natural objects
are creating various imaginations
to viewers with the landscape that
is described with
its message to tell.

Also, the figure of a person
in the abstract painting makes us
think more deeply about the meaning
contained in it because it has
the artist’s emotions as they are.

In addition, from works that vividly
capture the appearance of nature
to landscapes expressed in
unique colors,or drawings with
action paintings spreading paints
and various abstracts and landscapes
are displayed as
the artist’s various works.

Please visit the artist’s feed and
meet beautiful works
with imaginations.

Leave a message of congratulation
and comment with your guess on
which scene is described but
do not forget to ‘like’ the pieces
giving new inspirations.

Please look forward to
upcoming interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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