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[Challenge] 2022. March : Let's draw Sprout

A sprout, a small leaf of grass
grown from a seed.
It is a young plant that shows
the mystery of nature.

It blooms all at once during
the rainy season in the desert,
turning sandy land into green grass,
or it comes in the short spring of
the wasteland and fills the barren
landscape with beautiful colors.

At the end of the cold winter,
the buds creep up the frozen ground
to announce spring,and they grow in
the cracks of the city filled with
asphalt and concrete while boasting
the strength of life.

the 1st challenge topic of March is
the new messenger of a new beginning

Sprout / @nalyj99
50. 새싹sprout / @youngsook

It is said that there are various
methods for seeds to germinate.

From the basic growth method of
temperature, humidity, water and
sunlight, like sycamore, it's buried
in the ground for several years,and
sometimes the shell wears off
before it sprouts.

They may germinate after a certain
period of time in a burnt or
very cold place.
There are plants that require light
or in a dark place to sprout,
like green onions and carrots.

콩나물-Bean sprouts / @kim
sprout / @TwistingOak90

It is said that buds emit substances
to protect themselves for 3 ~ 9 days
after sprouting.

It is said that these substances
have been widely used as ingredients
since ancient times, as there is
a record that they have been popular
since the early 1900s to prevent
various diseases.

In particular, it is said that
better results can be obtained by
consuming only a small amount of
sprouts compared to
mature vegetables or fruits.

It would be good to find a sprout
that is good for the body
find the useful and helpful sprouts
and then draw a picture of it.

Sprout with Leaves / @ktreers
little sprouts / @cassiooopeia

The sprout is also used as a symbol
to mark the beginning of something.

It signals that spring has arrived,
and it also means a child
who is growing into an adult.

A new employee who is starting a job
for the first time or a beginner
who is new to something is sometimes
expressed as a sprout.

It is also used as a metaphor
for the beginning or the sign of
a certain phenomenon.

What kinds of sprout
do you think of right now?

From sprouting landscapes and
delicious food to images
you can imagine.

Join the challenge with imaginary
images of sprouts.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Mar. 1(Tue) to Mar. 15(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

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