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[Review] Challenge of February (1)

‘Cheetah’ ,
the fastest animal on the ground,
was the first challenge’s
topic for February.

First, we're introudcing the winners
of this challenge.

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the 1st challenge of February

We could see artworks with cheetahs
through this challenge.

It was a happy moment to see various
imaginations from the fastest animal
on the ground while finding ecology
or characters by them living in
vast fields.

Thanks to all who participated in
the challenge with great artworks.

shall we meet the winners' artworks?

Cheetah / @rimbo875
A Cheetah / @Pato.Cha

The mother cheetah seems to be
exhausted from hunting and
fall asleep in the warm grass.
The baby cheetah wants to play and
is holding the sleeping
mother's head and rubbing her face.
But the mother sleeps without
hesitation and the baby cheetah’s
wish can’t be easily achieved.
It’s presented by @rimbo875.

The artwork contains the appearance
of a cheetah with meticulous
expression of each hair.
The cat's characteristic sharp and
ferocious face has long tear lines,
beautiful black spots on its body.
It captures the vivid appearance of
a cheetah as if you are watching it
in front of your eyes.
It’s presented by @Pato.Cha.

Cheetah / @mumu
_Baby Cheetah running / @acun89

Among the brown bushes,
a cheetah of a similar color seems
to be sitting still and watching
its prey.
Since the cheetah can run fast for
only a short time, it is said that
it waits a long time for its prey
to become vigilant.
Even now, it doesn't even look like
it's moving, but we wonder if it'll
run away as if it disappears from
the screen at some point.
It’s presented by @mumu.

A young cheetah that has not yet
lost its fur in the green meadow is
running so fast as the leaves
are flying.
The young cheetah's confident eyes
and a mouth full of laughter show
the confidence of a young cheetah.
Reminds us of a young cheetah who
went out on her own,
it’s presented by @acun89.

☆RUN☆ / @z3dmax
Cheetah / @Poppy

The cheetah runs through the bushes,
sprinting hard enough to splash
water in all directions.
If the targeted prey sees the sharp
fangs between the ferocious eyes and
the roaring mouth, it seems that
it will be frightened and will not
be able to escape.
No matter how small the cheetah is,
it will remind you of the fact
it is a beast with terrifying teeth.
It’s presented by @z3dmax.

Cheetah looked very surprised.
As if to be on the lookout for
something, the bristle hair and
the hastily turned head speaks of
how the cheetah feels now.
Perhaps it was the small halo that
filled the night sky that surprised
the cheetah.
We are curious about the light that
surprised the cheetah.
It’s presented by @Poppy.

Wary / @Anastelfy
A Cat's Dream / @sherlock

A cheetah with sharp eyes is sitting
on a high cliff under the cloudy sky
The ferocious eyes that look around
and the cheetah's ready-to-run
posture make it seem like it's
hunting for prey.
It looks like it will jump off
this hill and run towards its prey
at the moment the prey catches
her eyes, It’s presented by

A cheetah with black fur and dots is
drawn inside the screen divided
up and down.
On one side, you can see a dense
forest that feels dark, and you can
see the landscape of the grassy
field growing sparsely.
It is said that even the same
species of animals change depending
on their environment.
These two animals are also similar
to each other, but we think
they evolved into different forms.
It’s presented by @sherlock.

Blue eyes / @SSB

The appearance of a cheetah is
creating a lot of imagination.
Its tufts of fur are like a curious
young cheetah, and it reminds us of
a hunter nervously waiting for
a fleeting moment.
The twinkling blue eyes are looking
at something. We wonder where
the cheetah gazes at directly,
whether it's a beautiful landscape
like the color in its eyes,
or a game to satisfy hunger.
It’s presented by @SSB.

Cheetah / @zak

The unique brush texture depicts
a cheetah with smooth fur.
The bright and dark colors seem to
be enjoying the sun bathing in
the warm sunlight, and
the background that expresses flow
reminds us of cool breeze and flower
leaves floating in them.
The rough wild and cheetah living in
great nature, it’s presented by @zak

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The 2nd challenge of February,
‘Let’s draw Noodle’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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