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[Interview] HOF February 2022 @Dexter

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French painter Claude Lorrain
tried to maximize the expression
on the stillness of nature
and harmony instead of purity.

He is interested in
landscape paintings that combine
ruins and myths in real landscapes
by expressing the effect of light
in detail, and he has completed
a beautiful harmony between reality
and imagination.

It is said that his work inspired
many painters later and influenced
the birth of various genres of
landscape painting.

@Dexter, who was selected for
the Hall of Fame in February,
also drew a beautiful landscape
where reality and fantasy intersect
while giving us a lot of inspiration

The artist's works contain
the scenery of nature.

The works created through
the harmony of reality
and imagination show off the beauty
and charm of nature through
various colors and dynamic lines.

He is also sharing various
inspirations by sharing how to draw
landscapes and paintings using
coloring designs.

We have to find out how he started
drew such artworks through
the interview.

So, let us start the interview
with the artist.

Greetings, Artist.
We’re the operations of PENUP.
Firstly, congratulations on
your selection for the HOF
of February.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and share with us how you feel.

A1. @Dexter
Since the beginning of the year 2022
it seems that I am greeted with
good things, so I would like to
express my deepest gratitude to
the PENUP team and PENUP friends.
I never thought I would be selected
for the Hall of Fame,
but I've been living every day with
a happy heart
since the beginning of February.

To introduce myself,
I'm a 42-year-old male office worker
with a hobby in drawing.
I live in Chungju, Korea, and
I am a PENUP user using the nickname
Dexter, The nickname, Dexter,
is a nickname from the cartoon
Dexter's Lab and American TV series
Dexter, which I liked.

The first work was uploaded
in March 2020.

Since then, you have been
continuously uploading works.
How did you come to know PENUP and
How did you upload your work?

A2. @Dexter
I was a user who has been using
the Galaxy Note 2, 4 and 5.
I liked the Note 4 the most, but
even at that time, I used the S Note
to draw my friends
by moving pictures to drawings.

At that time, I did not know PENUP
and later, while changing the device
to the Note 10, I discovered PENUP
while looking at the functions
in the Samsung app. I started drawing.

As a result, I have been fascinated
and have been here ever since

You have captured landscapes of
various places in your paintings.

I wonder what devices & apps
these works are being created by

A3. @Dexter
I am using a Galaxy Note 10 and
a Galaxy Tab S7. almost all of them
are working with the Note 10, and
the app is only used as PENUP app.

First of all, unlike other apps,

PENUP app was not complicated and
consisted of simple basic tools,
so it was attractive to be able to
access it easily.

I think the palette set of various
combinations that can be easily used
even by users dealing with PENUP
for the first time is really good.

In fact, many people have
a hard time combining colors,
but if you use the palette of PENUP
it provides a basic route to
combine colors to some extent,
so you can draw comfortably.

Most of the works contained
beautiful images of nature.

We are curious about why you paint
landscapes and the charm you feel.

A4. @Dexter
When I was in middle school,
there was a program called
“Let’s Draw” by Bob Ross
that I happened to see on TV.

I have loved painting since
I was a child, and I couldn't help
but admire him as he quickly and
easily paints on oil paintings.

However, I only had a vague idea
that I wanted to try it, and
at that time, for various reasons,
it seems that I couldn't even start.

I wonder if the landscapes
in his head are also contained
in the works I drew.
When I draw pictures of landscapes
drawn in my memory and see
the finished work, I feel at ease.
So it seems that I like
landscape paintings.

There were also works that looked
like real or imaginary places.

We wonder what kind of places appear
in the work.

If it's a place you imagine,
we wonder how you get inspiration.

A5. @Dexter
Some of the works are real places,
but most are imaginary places.

Of course,
if I only draw with my imagination,
I won't think various pictures
So I get a lot of inspiration
by PINTEREST or YouTube, which
I refer a lot and love.

Based on the ideas of various types
of works and artists, it seems to
have been imitated or
melted into my work.

We were impressed with the works
that expressed landscapes with
simple colors.

We wonder how you came to draw
this kind of work, and
what kind of expression
you pay attention to when you draw.

A6. @Dexter
The above two works were uploaded
shortly after I started PENUP.

It's expressed with
a calligraphy brush for
monochromatic illustrations that are
often expressed in the form of
game illustrations or simple posters
around them.

In fact, it was the first time
I tried to draw with a single color
timidly before using
multi-color palettes, and it seems
that I got used to the app little by
little and used the basic palette
and gradually increased the colors.

I think it is correct to say that
I did not draw with color from
the beginning, but learned it
while using PENUP.

We could see you are creating
beautiful landscapes with coloring.

We wonder the reason why
you draw these and what design
you choose for coloring that
are used for your works.

A7. @Dexter
There are many colorings in PENUP.
Among them, my preferred design
is one that can draw
animals, trees, and PENUP symbols.

There is no other reason, and like
the pictures above, it seems that
most of the designs that can draw
the landscape in the background
were selected and drawn.

I was also able to see a feed
detailing how to draw a landscape,
from brushes to expressions.

We wonder why you uploaded
these methods in the feed.

A8. @Dexter
When I first encountered PENUP,
I was attracted to how easy it was
to draw oil paintings.

All of the works I drew were drawn
only with the PENUP basic app.
Although it is basic and simple,
PENUP has infinite expressive power,
The reason I uploaded the tutorial feed
is very basic, so I uploaded
the tutorial feed so that anyone can
easily follow and express it.

A truly plausible landscape is drawn
with one brush stroke.

If you have PENUP pals who
are reading this interview,
try drawing them right now.
It's really easy!

Animals and humans in harmony with
nature also appeared in the work.
We wonder
what animals & people mean in works

Also, we wonder if there is
any material you would like to draw
in the future.

A9. @Dexter
The people and animals in the work
are me, my family, and my friends.
The animals mainly appearing in them
are self-portraits and daily life of
our mothers and their young families
living together.

What I want to express is simple,
but I wanted to express us
who depend on someone and live in
a warm world.

In the future, I want to capture
a heartwarming landscape
that anyone can relate to.

Last question.

Please tell us any improvements
or stories you want to share
while using PENUP.

A10. @Dexter
I want to make it easier to manage
PENUP followers on the app.

I wish there was a login function
from the desktop.

When I first encountered PENUP
in March of 2020,
I met a lot of friends.
There are a lot of really friendly
and talented PENUP friends.

I think I have a really good hobby
I hope that I can share my work
through PENUP in the future, and
I would like to thank all
my PENUP friends who read
this interview to the end.

Thank you.

How was the interview with

Claude Lorrain's works were loved
by the British,and they are said to
have been reproduced in real life
by the landscaping of the garden.
The gardens created in this way
are said to be the beginning of
the English garden,
which is famous for its beauty.

The artist also helped to create
new works by sharing how to
draw beautiful landscapes.

How about taking a look around
and drawing your imagination?

It would be great to explain
your drawings and share opinions
and thoughts at your place with
your imaginations.

We hope that PENUP will be full of
sparkling ideas with everyone's work.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team