2015-07-01. AM 12:46
  • Hello. PEN.ples^^

    July, a month of tree shades and clear sky with scorching sun, is finally here.
    The year 2015 is half way through. When you are busy, you easily miss things to be thankful.

    For July, we have chosen a challenge topic that makes you look around and take a rest.

    The July challenge theme is “Let’s draw a buildings.”.

    Drawing building doesn’t mean about building itself.
    It can be a landmark around the place where you live, your house and maybe a part of your house, even a window.
  • Perhaps you may feel this challenge theme is quite extensive.
    But, you don’t really need to feel it is difficult since it is a part that is essential to your life.
    Since the buildings that you just pass by can be the theme, take an in-depth look!

    PEN.UP, upon sponsoring USK 2015 in Singapore, will partake at a Symposium and hold an event using Galaxy Note Tablets in Singapore.
    We are looking forward to urban sketchers who will portray the beautiful landscapes in the cities in other countries.

    In this challenge, we also have prepared a small gift for you. But, before that, we have a tip to tell you.

    Do you know Infinite Painter app among the drawing apps?
    There is a brand new feature in Infinite Painter; it is “perspective”.
    This feature provides a guide line for perspective drawing.
  • The detailed introduction to the feature will be uploaded in the drawing tip menu.

    Those who use this feature for the new challenge will be offered small gifts from Infinite Painter Team.

    *Standards in opting for gift winner*
    - Drawings of buildings, hoses and landscape around their home, which used the perspective feature in the Infinite Painter app.
    - Please insert the following tag in your postings: #InfiniteChallenge2015

    ※ Those pieces that do not go along with the theme can be excluded from the challenge menu.

    We look forward to your participation!