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[Challenge] 2022. February : Let's draw Noodle

Noodles made by kneading grain flour
into long, thin noodles are
the foods that everyone enjoy.

There are many ways to make noodles,
either dried or fried in oil,
or put in a mold and pulled out
for a long time.

The shape is also made from the thin
and thick cylindrical side
to the rectangle or ribbon shape.

They are also made from a variety of
materials from rice and wheat
to buckwheat, konjac and seaweed

The second topic of the February
is 'Noodle'
the first fast food of humanity.

cream pasta / @usk_keesunge
I Love PASTA! / @jyun_do

Noodles are said to be an ancient
food with traces of tracesfound
in Mesopotamian civilization.

Since it was created,
it is said to have spread
all over the world through merchants
because it is easy to store and cook.

Since then, it has become the first
noodle-like pasta in the West,and
mainly noodles with soup in the East

Unlike the East, where a variety of
noodle dishes have been developed,
In the West,not many types were made
because bread was born.

떡복이&튀김&라면 set"~↓↓ / @kwonjossi
Mie Pangsit Ayam / @rkptn

Noodles are as diverse
as their history.

From ragman in Afghanistan, which is
said to be the first noodle dish,
to kalguksu in Korea, which is made
of thin dough with a knife,
or ramen in Japan, which is flavored
with broth or soybean paste.

In addition to
Vietnamese rice noodles made of rice
Pasta, a representative Italian food
there are many countries with unique
noodle dishes made with
local ingredients.

It would be fun to draw and
introduce noodles dishes that
you enjoy eating in your country.

라면먹고갈래? / @soojin
Noodle / @AthenaRivierra

Instant ramen, loved by many people,
is said to be noodles made with
people in mind.

Immediately after World War II
Momofuku Ando of Japan developed
instant noodles with the desire to
contribute to the relief of hunger
because they are non-perishable,
cheap, and easy to eat.

Since then, even though he could
make a lot of money,
he has disclosed a patent.
So a variety of ramen noodles
are made at low prices, and
many people have been able to save
themselves from hunger.

What noodles
are you thinking of right now?

Join the challenge
by putting various noodles
in the picture from the dishes
you love the most to the dishes
you want to try
from around the world!

This will be proceeded for 13 days.
from Feb. 16(Wed) to Feb. 28(Mon).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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