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[Review] Challenge of January (2)

‘Text’ , a record that has led to
the development of mankind,
was the second challenge topic
in January.

First, we're introudcing the winners
of this challenge.

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the 2nd challenge of January

We can meet various works
related to writing
through this challenge,
We were able to see
the beauty of writing created by
characters from all over the world
and recall new ideas through
artworks in harmony
with texts and drawings
in this enjoyable moment.

Thanks to all who participated
in the challenge with great works.

Now, shall we meet the winners
of the challenge?

오래오래 사귀길 바라요 / @Louis
소문만복래^^ / @HANALOVE

Milk and sweets are mixed to
create text above the cup.
A blue-skinned man leaning over
the letters is holding out a flower,
and a woman sitting on a cake
is holding out her hand
with a shy smile.
There are things that make
each other perfect,
like text and drawings,
cookies and milk.
We wish that the two can
get along closer and
be happy with each other.
@It’s presented by Louis.

In the living room
with potted plants,
you can see a child climbing up
a ladder and a cat looking at it.
In the picture the child's
finger points to,
a child holding a balloon,
a cat,and even the word happy
are all smiling brightly.
The child probably is
explaining to the cat that
a smiling face brings happiness now.
It’s presented by @HANALOVE.

"Happiness when inspiration
turns on" / @Yana
아침이슬(Morning dew) / @SUN.U

The word inspiration is
shining like light bulbs.
The letters are flashing
bright colors like a neon sign
and creating a bunch of lights.
It seems to express
the feeling of inspiration,
which at some point flashes
like a light bulb and
sometimes gets various imaginations
from one thought.
It’s presented by @Yana.

The text in the work is
the first verse of a song called
Morning Dew by Korean singer
Yang Hee-eun.
The warm color of the background
as the sun rises and
the appearance of water droplets
rolling on a leaf of grass
that hang under the weight of
dew expresses the image of
the lyrics written
in beautiful handwriting.
It contains the beauty of
the harmony of texts and drawings.
It’s presented by @SUN.U.

Holka modrooká:-) / @Aneta
the beach is my happy place!
/ @Sylvia

The picture created by
the text that fills the screen
is a blue-eyed wolf standing
in a certain place and looking
into the distance.
The blue text reminds us of
a cold place or a cold wind
and the black one reminds us
of the moonlit sky.
This article probably contains
the story of the wolf in the work.
It’s presented by @Aneta.

The palm-growing island and
rippling waves that adorn
the words ‘The beach is
my happy place’ capture
the feeling of the beach.
The sand-colored dots that fill
the surroundings reminds us
of a sandy beach
where the sun is scorching hot
with the various scenery
of the beach.
The beach as a happy place,
it is expressed in calligraphy.
It’s presented by @Sylvia.

Penup city builders / @sarpal
Life is not eternal / @Abex

Ants passing through the rough
wasteland are carrying large stones.
Each stone has the word PENUP
written on it,
and the place the stone is
facing seems to be a blue city
in the distance.
I wonder what role the stones
of PENUP they carry will play
in the city landscape.
It’s presented by @sarpal.

On the beach with rough waves,
the words LIFE are written
with white seashells on one side.
The writing and seashells seem to
disappear without
a trace in the waves.
Life is like being washed away
by a wave, and it seems to tell us
that we have to do your best
in every moment,
as it can easily disappear.
It’s presented by @Abex.

Iness world / @Iness_j.y_park

Various characters
from people to plants,
objects and animals seem to
be dancing.
Characters with excited
expressions and cheerful gestures
are promoting various goods
and PENUP in colorfully decorated
neon signs in Ines store.
We wonder what kind of excitement
is awaiting in this place.
It’s presented by @Iness_j.y_park.

ladybug / @pidi75

In a green field, ladybugs line up
and write "Enjoy the simple things".
The white flowers adorned
with small dots and
the sunlight shining in
the distance reminds us of
a warm spring day.
The beauty created by
simple materials as the saying,
‘enjoy simple things’,
it’s presented by @pidi75.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The 1st challenge of February,
‘Let’s draw Cheetah’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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