2022-01-27. AM 02:04
[HOF] February 2022 @Dexter

Nature is changing every moment
and creating beauty.

It changes color according to
the light and season,and matches
the weather including the wind while
the form is also constantly changing.

Its appearance alone makes
it a work of art and makes you feel
the beauty, but also attracts us
to the fantasy world combined with
numerous imaginations.

@Dexter is selected
for Hall of Fame February
who captures beautiful imaginations
of nature.

Beautiful scenery is contained
in the artist's work.

Created in harmony with reality and
fantasy that is described with
beautiful colors for the vividness
of nature and the dreamy feeling.

In addition, materials such as sky,
water and trees expressing dynamic
movements through numerous lines,
reminds us of endlessly
changing nature once again.

In addition to this,
he is also painting landscapes with
a different feel using simple colors
or coloring patterns.

He is also showing his hard work and
love for painting through drawing tips
that explain and share his own tips
to draw works.

Visit the artist's feed
to see beautiful landscape paintings

Leave your impressions on paintings
you like and don’t forget to ‘like’
the drawing tips you want to follow.

Please look forward to the interview
with the artist in the future.
Thank you.

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