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[Challenge] 2022. February : Let's draw Cheetah

The cheetah is an animal that lives
in parts of Asia and Africa.

Unique among carnivores,
they are active during the day
and sleep at night.
It is said that their body is built
for running, not strong strength.

It is said that it has
unique characteristics that
are different from common cats
and wild beasts, such as claws
that cannot be hidden and
even a small body.

The first challenge topic
of February is 'Cheetah'
the fastest animal on the ground.

치타 Cheetah / @jinhee
Queen of the speed / @Algyz

Cheetahs are said to have evolved
to run fast.

They have a small head, a flat chest
for less air resistance and
a large heart and lungs.

They have a flexible spine and
neck bones, for an explosive speed
and can fix its gaze on a target,
so they can hunt at a high speed
of 110 km/h.

However, it is said that this speed
can only be maintained for distance
of about 1 km due to
the danger to life.

Cheetah running / @AntoineKhanji
Cheetah / @Berf

Cheetahs have
a variety of characteristics.

It is said that
the fluff on the back, which is
visible only to the young,
has evolved to hide itself
among the bushes.

It is also said that the black line
under the eyes that distinguishes
it from the similar-looking leopard
absorbs strong sunlight
to protect the eyes.

Straight claws function
like a runner's spike
and the long tail as their body
balances their body.

I think it will be fun to draw
the characteristics of the cheetah
that you are impressed with.

Cutie Cheetah / @jmusmaximus
chettah sketches / @mih.hazel

Unlike other carnivores,the cheetah
is very friendly to humans.

It has been used for hunting dogs
since ancient Egypt.
It is also known as
the royal hunting dog.

Their personality is similar
to that of a dog, so it is said that
they sometimes get help from

a Labrador Retriever for training
in the wild.

Wild cheetahs sometimes approach
people and show pet-like

What kind of cheetah
do you think of right now?

join the challenge with
various images in your work from
the real life in the meadow
to the imagination of meeting
a cheetah in person.

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Feb. 1(Tue) to Feb. 15(Tue).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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-The PENUP Team