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[Interview] HOF January 2022 @hiro

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British painter John Constable
is said to have captured
the image of the cloud
he loved in his works.

He was inspired by Luke Howard,
the scientist who named the cloud,
and drew his works with clouds or
the ones in beautiful landscapes
that exist in his surroundings.

Because his heart is in it,
his landscapes with clouds
are catching many people’s eyes
to this day.

Artist @hiro, the selected artist
in the first Hall of Fame of 2022
paints changing clouds in landscapes
and the beauty of nature vividly.

The artist's work is
full of clouds and landscapes.

Clouds are free to create
numerous shapes and beautifully
decorate the sky in landscapes.

In addition, various colors with
clouds and changes of lights
are used to draw
the beautiful nature.

We have to ask him how he started
drawing clouds and landscapes.

Now, let us begin
our interview with the artist.

Hello artist,
this is the operations team of PENUP
congratulations on your selection
for the first Hall of Fame.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and tell us about your feelings.

A1. @hiro
I live in Yokohama City,
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.
I am 61 years old and work
as a financial planner.
I live with my wife.
As for the Hall of Fame,
it's just a surprise.
There are a lot of people
who are better than me
and I wondered why I was selected.

The first work was uploaded
in August 2019.
Since then, you have been
continuously uploading works.
How did you come to know PENUP and
how did you come to upload your work

A2. @hiro
I think the PENUP app was included
in the smartphone you are using.
To draw with a smartphone,
the screen was small and
I couldn't draw well.
I started using
Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7
around February 2021,
so I downloaded the PENUP app
and started drawing.

The charming natural appearance
caught our attention.

We wonder what devices and apps
are used to create these works.

A3. @hiro
I use Samsung's Galaxy Tab S7
with Spen.

We were able to see landscapes
with beautiful colors with clouds
of various shapes.

We wonder what inspired you
to draw these works.

A4. @hiro
There doesn't seem to be any
particular inspiration,
but when I randomly erase colors
on the screen with a pen,
I feel like I'm getting
more and more complete.

Clouds were found in many works,
we were able to see that
only clouds were expressed
in the work.

We are curious
why you are painting the subject of

A5. @hiro
I have loved clouds since
I was little and I look at them
every day.

You'll be fascinated by
the variety of shapes and colors and
no two clouds are alike.

I practiced desperately, hoping
that I could draw like others after
seeing the paintings of painters who
used clouds as the subject matter.

There were many beautiful places.

We wonder if this is a real place
or an imaginary place.

A6. @hiro
Most of the pictures are
imaginary places, sometimes I refer
to pictures downloaded for free.

The picture on the right above is
Beppu Bay in Kyushu, Japan, and
the picture of the torii of
a shrine over the sea is my hometown.

When you were painting landscapes,
you were expressing
nature beautifully with various
expressions using light and color.

We wonder if there is an expression
that you pay attention to
when painting landscapes.

A7. @hiro
We try to use light colors
as much as possible.

Seeing the various scenery, it seems
that you have been to many places,
We wonder if you have the most
memorable place and story among
the places in your work.

A8. @hiro
This is a sunset painting of
the shrine, uploaded
on September 19, 2021.
This is where
I first dated my wife when I was 17.
I proposed to her on the way home
that day. It has become a place
of memories with her who has been.

We wonder if there is a place
you would like to draw in the future
Also, if there are other subjects
that you are interested in besides
landscape painting, what are they?

A9. @hiro
I am interested in animal drawings.

Last question.
Please tell us
improvements or comments
you want to share with us
while using PENUP.

A10. @hiro
What a great PENUP app.
It would be more accurate to say
that the pen of the app drew it
rather than I drew it.
To put it bluntly,
if you touch the screen with a scale
of 1 to 100 of a painting brush,
the start is round, so I think
it would be better if you flatten it

How was the interview with

An art historian who saw
John Constable's work,
Gombrich said that it shows
how large and profoundly
the simplest forms of nature
can impress us.

The artist also drew that
the clouds and landscape and
left a deep impression on us
by drawing the appearance of nature.

Everyone who is reading this article
why don’t you have changes
of nature nearby in your drawings?

It would be great to capture
a moment of nature changed by season
and weather with your own

We hope PENUP is filled with
beautiful landscapes with
everyone’s work.

Thank you.

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-The PENUP Team