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[Review] Challenge of December (2)

‘Snow Scene’,
a beautiful moment
made by white snow,
was the last challenge topic
for 2021.

First, we're introudcing the winners
of this challenge.

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the 2nd challenge of December

Through this challenge, we could see
the snow falls in various places.

Admiring the unusual scenery
created by the white snow and
Seeing the various activities and
imaginations enjoyed there,
It was a cold winter
and the time to wait for
the snow to fall from the sky.

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with great work.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

(Untitled) / @vlad
Snow / @FatemaMusharrof

A bitter blizzard is raging
in the city.
The buildings are swaying
in the wind,
and the road seems to have
disappeared in heavy snow.
Birds are sitting on
the swaying trees with their
bodies curled up and
waiting for the sharp blizzard
to pass.
It’s presented by @vlad.

The small town along the river
was covered with snow
and turned white.
The river on which the small boat
floated is frozen and snow
is piled up everywhere.
Instead of leaves, the tree
has white snowflakes.
Walking on the road
that leads to the house
in the distance,
we want to enjoy
the beautiful snow scene.
It’s presented by @FatemaMusharrof.

♤ / @route_12
Wolf Tamer / @Hani

The large tree house where
the winged fairies live
is full of decorations
and giving off a bright light.
White snow is falling from
the sky and starting
to pile up everywhere,
and sparkling butterflies
are flying to see the trees.
A picture of the special day
that the fairies welcomed,
it’s presented by @route_12.

A woman in a coat is standing
in a forest covered with white snow
is holding a wolf's leash.
The white wolves with
the reminiscent of white snow,
look around with sharp eyes
and seem to be protecting the woman.
It reminds us of a scene in
a fantasy novel,
it’s presented by @Hani.

winter' / @nuni
Les Království / @Aneta

Two people sitting on a bench
are looking at Tower Bridge.
From the bridge to the city,
the thick fog creates a unique
yet mysterious atmosphere.
Although it is still cold
with snow piled up everywhere,
The green grass appeared
in various places
are telling us the end of winter.
It’s presented by @nuni.

The long dam that runs into
the forest is lit by street lamps.
The unmelted snow on the road leaves
traces of cars and
people passing by.
Purple clouds are beautiful,
but they look very wild,
It looks like they will be covered
with snow again soon.
Landscape of Les Kralovstvi dam
in Czech Republic,
it’s presented by @Aneta.

Crisp Air / @MissyJ
I can't wait. / @hanacco

In the snowy forest,
a child and a dog wearing
a scarf and winter clothes
are having an exciting time
in the snow.
The sight of a smiling child
and a dog lying down while sitting
and looking at the scenery seems to
show the joy of those
who are facing winter.
It's presented by @MissyJ.

The child is sticking his head out
the window using the object
as a stepping stone.
Snow fell on the window sills,
the trees, and the roads
and turned them all white.
Even the dog with its head raised
is curious about the scenery
the child is looking at.
We wondered if the child who saw
the snow would run out the door
with the dog.
It's presented by @hanacco.

snowscape / @zak

In the heavy snow,
the branches seem to droop and
be unable to withstand the weight.
The surrounding area is also covered
with white snow which makes
it impossible to guess what
it usually looks like.
The sun shining through
the trees and the river that
has not yet frozen
and the river passing through
them looks nothing like usual.
Beautiful scenery
of the snowy forest,
it’s presented by @zak.

snow peaks / @sarpal

The mountain is blooming
with green leaves and
blooming flowers of many colors,
and the highest mountain
has repeated snowy winters even now.
The snow that has become
a part of the mountain accumulated
over a long period of time
without melting seems to have
created very cold and sharp peaks.
Capturing the snow-capped
mountain scenery,
it’s presented by @sarpal.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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