2021-12-30. AM 01:39
[HOF] January 2022 @hiro

Among the various
landscapes of the sky,
it is the appearance by clouds
for the most changing landscape.

Colors created by
the sun and water vapor
and the change brought about
by the cloudiness of the airflow
seem free but also
have unique regularity.

That's why it's said that
the sky shows emotions
or draws drawings with clouds.
Their mysterious changes
are inspiring people
variously at the moment.

The first Hall of Fame
in January of the year
was selected @hiro who has been
showing the beauty of nature
by landscapes with changing clouds.

Numerous clouds are contained
in the artist's work.

Through the unique shape
and change of clouds,
it shows various expressions
of the sky
while expressing various weather.

Also, it makes us imagine
the change of nature,
how the weather of
the place may change or
the clouds may look differently
by including detailed changes of
clouds in the works.

In addition, the appearance
of nature with the clouds,
the artist is drawing it
through various color
and light expressions.

Through this, a vivid sense
of presence of the place
or unique beauty can be found.

So this makes us look at
landscapes from the surroundings
or imagine places we have
not visited yet.

Visit the artist's feed now and
admire the beautiful scenery
and the changing clouds.

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‘like’ your favorite work
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Please look forward to the upcoming
interview with the artist.

Thank you.

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