2015-06-24. AM 09:47
  • Hello. PEN.ples^^

    In commemoration of ‘World Environment Day’ on July 5, we came up with ‘Let's draw endangered Animals challenge' for this month.
    Through this event, we can think of endangered animals that are being deprived of places to live as well as the importance of the environment.

    So far, a lot of ‘PEN.ples’ have been submitting their works for the challenge.
  • The endangered animals appearing they drew range from Lesser Panda, Fennec Fox, Golden snub-nosed monkey, and all the way up to Giant Panda.
    There are even some animals that are very new to us, too.

    It’s very good to learn that there are plenty of adorable animals which have been unknown to us for a long time.
    At the same time, however, we feel sorry for the situation they face now.

    By the way, there was a notice on a very special prize for the winner of this challenge.

    An external battery pack, a special ‘Endangered Animals’ edition of Samsung, is the special present we prepared for the winner.
    It’s really slim, light, and seriously cute!
  • Clock is ticking, PEN.ples!
    Anyone who hasn’t been submitted a drawing still has a time!
    As in the challenges in April (Let’s draw SilkPaints App) and May (Let’s draw Heroes), this month challenge is going to be very heated and enthusiastic.

    Everyone, Let’s draw!