2021-12-30. AM 01:36
[Challenge] 2022. January : Let's draw Key

Greetings, PENPLEs!

2022 has begun.
This year, PENUP always wishes
you all happy
and healthy.

We are using various keys.

We use them when we go in
and out of the house
or find things stored as well.

Now, we use password, card or
fingerprint to open the door
as a key.

The topic for the challenge
to start the year 2022
with is a 'Key',
a tool to open locked doors.

Key to old memories. ♡ / @N.D.Timea
looking for a key / @J-O-C

Keys are said to have been
used since 4000 BC.

It is said that the method of
opening the lock
using a key composed of
pins of different lengths.

It is said that the key was
used to protect buildings
but spread around the world
and began to be used in wardrobes
and drawers.

In the Middle Ages,
metalwork developed and
it was made more splendidly
and intricately.

If hope had a door... / @moshart
Mechanical Beauty. Part 2
/ @Hypnorino

The key is also a tool
for generating various imaginations.

Since it's a tool that opens
a locked door and leads you
to another place,
it also appears as an item
that allows a special key
to go to a mysterious space or
to open a treasure chest
that won't open.

Collect two or more divided keys
or find important secrets,
It is used as a tool to bring up

It would be fun to
draw keys in your imagination
into drawing.

Heart / @Cookie
Door Key of Warrior's / @cKchew

It is said that in the future,
human information will be the key.

Even now, bio information is
available from smartphones
to cars and homes
as their keys more often.

The society needs more security
in the future and personal
and unique character
will be used as key
increasingly by time.

What kind of keys will appear
in the future do you think?

Join the challenge
with various keys in your works
from the ones you used to
imaginary images!

This will be proceeded for 15 days.
from Jan. 1(Sat) to Jan. 15(Sat).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team