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[Review] Challenge of December (1)

‘Aurora’ ,
a feast of beautiful light
spreading in the sky was
the first challenge topic
in December.

First, we're introudcing the winners
of this challenge.

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the 1st challenge of December

Through this challenge,
various colors
of Aurora were demonstrated.

It was a fun time to imagine
how the real aurora look like and
to see the beautiful scenery created
by nature and the aurora.

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with great work.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Aurora borealis ☆ / @Goldie
'Magical flicker' / @Yana

Above the river,
the stars gather to form
the Milky Way,
Auroras of various colors
color the sky following
the cluster of stars.
Lighted up boats seem to float
in the sky
by the sky's reflection
on the water's surface.
It makes us want to get on the boat
and enjoy the scenery
It’s presented by @Goldie

At the entrance of the village,
on the trees that are still green
even in winter,
purple and green aurora
are stacked up and hung
like a curtain.
The snow piled up around the trees
is glistening in the light of
the aurora.
It makes the scenery
even more beautiful.
The scenery of the quiet village,
it’s presented by @Yana

North land / @Dexter
old#new / @Nisia

Large and small polar bears
can be seen on the frozen cliffs.
The trees are branches but bare,
and the white snow is all around.
The young bear seems to be feeling
the cold weather but staying to see
the green aurora blooming in the sky
It’s presented by @Dexter.

Where trees stand, rivers flow
and grass grows,
It feels desolate because of
the appearance of the dry cliff.
But the aurora slowly
coloring the sky,
It seems to be changing
the atmosphere of the landscape
with beautiful colors.
We wonder what kind of atmosphere
it will create
if the surrounding grass is full.
It’s presented by @Nisia

Aurora Vortex / @OnyxLulu
Doorway to the stars / @CassiCreates

A circular aurora is shining
in the sky above the tree
standing alone.
Dots of different colors
dye each other,making the scenery
full of aurora more mysterious,
and beautifully decorating it.
The aurora is depicted
in pointillism,
it’s presented by @OnyxLulu

In front of the door opening
and pouring clouds of stairs,
there is a mysterious space where
the stars twinkle and
the aurora emits light.
What kind of scenery awaits
in the place where the aurora
spreads far away?
It makes me want to climb
up the clouds and see it.
It’s presented by @CassiCreates

#Aurora 환상의 오로라 / @jinhee
Northern delight / @debbieziegler

Aurora is spreading all over
the green mountain top.
Numerous lines are like a bird
spreading its wings,
The intervening stems look like
feathers fluttering in the wind.
If you look away for a moment,
the aurora seems to fly away
at some point.
It’s presented by @jinhee

Over the lake, on the mountain top,
the aurora is rising like a flame.
The dark sky is getting brighter by
the light of the aurora, even the place
that flows into the river
is dyed with the same color,
and are making mysterious moods.
It reminds us of a place
in a distant universe.
It’s presented by @debbieziegler

polar colors / @Anastelfy
極光族裔故事 Aurora ethnic story
/ @abbywongbonnie

Behind the frozen lake,
the northern lights stretch like
a curtain over the sharp mountains.
The beautiful colors created by
the aurora create a space
full of coolness seem to
have been changed to be warm
and mysterious.
If you look at the aurora that seems
to be pouring down from the sky,
you will forget the cold and stare
at it for a while.
It’s presented by @Anastelfy

The star the child is riding
on is flying by creating an aurora.
The white lights that fell along
the aurora fell on the snowy town
and beautifully colored auroras
are filling the sky following
the trajectory of the stars.
The appearance of a star that
we want to climb up and fly
in the sky at least once.
It’s presented by @abbywongbonnie

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

Please send your encouragement and
congrats to these 10 people in the

The 2nd challenge of December,
‘Let’s draw Snow Scene’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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