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[Interview] HOF December 2021 @yVo

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Henri Matisse,
a painter who loved
the life of painting,
he is the founder of Fauvism,
which boasts intense colors.

He expressed what he felt
when he saw the material with color
and wanted his works to provide
comfort and entertainment to people.

Despite the strong colors
in his works,
they gave happiness
and entertainment to the viewers.

@yVo, the last artist
who is selected for
the Hall of Fame in December
of the year,
has been expressing beautiful colors
that create lots of emotions.

The artist is creating
a beautiful story
through colors in her works.

The various colors
that create the work convey
different emotions in one scene
and also create another imagination.

In addition,
through the touch of the brush
that draws these,
the vivid sense of realism
of the scene,
as well as the impressions
the artist saw and felt,
are expressed.

We should figure out how the artist
started drawing such works
through this interview.

So, let's start the interview
with the author.

Hello, artist.

This is the operations team of PENUP
First, congratulations
for your selection of
the last Hall of Fame of the year.

Please briefly introduce yourself
and tell us how you feel.

A1. @yVo
I’m was born and raised
in the Philippines,
now currently working
in Saudi Arabia as a Nurse.

I started digital arts last year
when pandemic lockdown started and
everything in the news was chaos.
I found peace as making art
becomes my therapy.

The first work was uploaded
in May 2020.

Since then,
you have been continuously
uploading works.
How did you come to know PENUP
and upload your work?

A2. @yVo
When I bought my note10lite samsung,
I was looking for a drawing app.

In the app store and
stumbled upon PENUP.
It started there.

Works on a variety
of subjects stood out.

We wonder about the devices
and apps you used to create works.

A3. @yVo
Samsung note10 lite,
and Samsung tab s6 lite.

You used a lot of colors
in each work.
We wonder if there is a reason why
you use these different colors.

A4. @yVo
I love to play with combination
of colors as long as they harmonize
and complement each other.

I want my art to be as colorful
in contrast with my dull
and monotonous life.

The combination of warm and cool
tones will make your art pop.

We were also able to see
the appearance of various characters
We wonder who the characters
in the work are and
what you are trying to express.

A5. @yVo
This was random photo reference
and I was trying to practice
and see the art styles that
works for me.

I also want to capture emotions
in my subject eyes.

We were also able to see works
made with unique expressions.
We are curious about
how you came to work and
what kind of feeling
you wanted to convey.

A6. @yVo
As I’ve said before,
trying new styles keeps
the boredom away,
from the most simple trick
to a complex and tedious scribbling.
Keeps me entertained and engaged.

You expressed the natural scenery
in various ways.
We wonder what kind of places
you drew and how you came to draw it.

A7. @yVo
Some of these scenes
I found in the web,
or recommended as a practice
photo reference
by some various artist I follow.

I try to see how the colors work
before I paint in canvas.
I use oil paint and acrylics.

Various everyday objects were also
included in the work.

It is expressed in colorful colors,
so we were curious about
the actual appearance.
We wonder what kind of things
you put into your work.

A8. @yVo
Some of the objects I paint
are already colorful to begin with.
It’s a chance for me to play with
background and shadows.

We are able to see the vivid animals
created by the colors and lines.
I wonder how you came to express
the appearance of these animals.

Also, we are curious about
a new topic you want to have
in the future if you have one.

A9. @yVo
Animals have emotions too.
I try my best to capture it
in my drawings.

I use one layer of slides,
I avoid erasure instead
I will cover it with other colors it
makes a good layering effects.

This is the last question.

Please tell us any improvements
or stories you want to share with us
from your experience with PENUP.

A10. @yVo
So far the app is doing great,
to be honest
it’s a good tool for beginners.

And the interaction with
fellow artists are great,
I feel connected even if
I’m on the other side of the world.

I Hope that
one day you’ll be able to provide
a live chat for the users as well.
So far I’m quite satisfied with
how you guys run this app.

Great work.

God speed to us all.

How was the interview with

Henri Matisse liked
the colors red, blue and green,
and said that they can create value.

From the harmony in simplicity,
He was also known
as the magician of color.

The artist also showed that
various emotions can be expressed
using color.

Everyone who is reading this,
why don’t you have
your emotions expressed?

It would be fun to draw
emotions and colors
for instant emotions
and topics you saw
and share what you felt.

Through the beautiful colors of
everyone's heart,
we hope the magic of color
shall spread in PENUP.

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

PENUP - Share your drawings!
-The PENUP Team