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[Challenge] 2021. December : Let's draw Snow Scene

When white snow falls from the sky,
the world changes
its color and landscape.

The mountains, rivers
and empty fields
change their mood by piled snow
and houses with various colors
or the paths where cars
and people walk on
change their mood differently
from the usual.

Trees left only with branches
have blooming white snow flowers
and people who stay inside
their houses for cold weather
come out and see outside for snow
so the landscape of the street
starts looking different.

In December, the last topic
for the challenge of the year
is 'Snow Scene',
a beautiful landscape
with white snow.

winter time / @SPR
Winter lake / @klarka107

It is said that snowy landscapes
were first painted on canvas
in the 16th century.

Until then, religious meaning was
put in the picture
so only after landscape painting
appeared in the world,
painting snowy landscapes had begun.

However, after that, it is said that
it has become a landscape
loved enough to appear in the works
of famous painters.

The snow that sparkles
in the sunlight,
the natural scenery that has changed
and the world of white snow
where dirt has disappeared
attracted the painters.

Winter is coming / @Razislav
extreme ski / @Nigart

Among the snowy landscapes,
various activities with snow
should not be missed.

You can join in making snowfight,
building a snowman or a house
and following your own footsteps.

While riding skis or snowboard
to sleds and snowmobiles
through a snowy landscape,
you can also enjoy the snow
in the beautiful scenery.

It would be exciting to draw
various activities
with white snow piled up everywhere.

Snow and trees / @AntoineKhanji
snow / @GoKcEy

Snow does not only create
beautiful landscapes to look at
but they have a lot of effects.

It also blocks
yellow dust and fine dust
and protects young trees that
can easily dry up to death
due to cold breeze or low moisture
by covering them up.

In addition, it helps agriculture
by preventing drought.

What landscape do you imagine
when it snows?

Join the challenge
with various snowy landscapes,
places you want to visit or
games you want to play around you.

This will be proceeded for 16 days.
from Dec. 16(Thu) to DEC. 31(Fri).

We look forward to your
participation and amazing works!

Thank you.

Fun, Express, Share!

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