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[Review] Challenge of November (2)

‘Winter Clothes’,
clothes that make our winter warm
were the second challenge
topic in November.

First, we're introudcing the winners
of this challenge.

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the 2nd challenge of November

through this challenge,
we were able to see a variety
of winter clothes.

We saw clothes we wanted
to wear one day
or imagine a beautiful scene
or activity in winter
by wearing warm winter clothes.

Thank you all who participated in
the challenge with great work.

Now, shall we meet the winners of
the challenge?

Let it snow / @Diana
a warm hug / @kezza

Two people are walking along
a tree-lined street in the city.
The snow is falling and
the streets are full of cold,
but it doesn't seem to stop
the sweet time of lovers
in thick winter clothes
such as hats, scarves,
paddings and coats.
This reminds of a movie scene.
It’s presented by @Diana.

A mother and daughter in Santa hats
and coats can be seen
on the Christmas street.
The image of the two hugging
each other warmly seems
to contain the warmth that makes us
forget the cold weather
as much as winter clothes.
It makes us smile for
the appearance of the happy family,
it’s presented by @kezza.

Frío / @RealCruz
Woman In A Green Scarf / @R.A.A

The figure of a man wearing
a jumper, a scarf that
covered his mouth, and a bungee
seems that he was well prepared
for the cold.
But even in such an outfit,
he seems to be filled
with coldness around him.
It seems to be because
the cold morning of winter
comes to mind from the blue light
or white breath in the background.
It’s presented by @RealCruz.

It seems she is looking at herself
in the mirror before going out.
She seems to fix her gaze
and check her blouse, coat,
green scarf and the messy part
of her hairstyle.
We wonder how you imagine
her situation at the moment.
It’s presented by @R.A.A.

추울땐 목도리가 필수죠!!! / @lol1227
(Untitled) / @Hunter

The sky is full of snow,
and the woman wearing the scarf
and she is smiling and looking
at the snowy landscape.
A scarf is an important
cold protection item that protects
your neck in the cold winter,
and it is also an item for fashion.
The red scarf hanging
from her neck seems to feel warm
even in the cold snowy weather.
It’s presented by @lol1227.

Well-armed in winter clothes,
from fur hats to coats and shoes,
the kid looks like he's out for
a walk to see the snowy landscape
with his dog in woven clothes.
Even in the cold winter,
walking with your pet is one
of the unavoidable daily routines.
If you prepare for the cold like
a child and a dog,
it will be very enjoyable
to spend time together.
It’s presented by @Hunter.

Winter in the city / @Maria
Winter Fantaisie / @One2three

On one side of the city street,
she wears a red hat
and is leaning on one side of
the building and posing.
From coats and skirts with thick
fur to light purple clothes,
they give off a calm
and bright feeling.
Perhaps she came out to the street
to announce new winter clothes.
It’s presented by @Maria.

She seems to be enjoying
the winter atmosphere with
her eyes closed in the forest.
From a green scarf to
a brown sweater with pink floral
embellishments of white fur,
it will keep her warm
in the snowy cold.
The warm color that fills
the space between the blue trees
with only the branches left
seems to contain the emotions
she is feeling now.
It’s presented by @One2three.

Snowman in winter clothes / @sam
hello winter / @Alex

The clothes that adorn
the snowman seem to have been
made by someone themselves.
Winter clothes, including sweaters,
are tightly woven with yarns
of various colors so you can feel
the sincerity put into the clothes.
Even in the fields on
a cold snowy evening,
the reason the snowman smiles
brightly is probably
because of the warm heart
in his clothes.
It’s presented by @sam.

He wears a blue shawl
that stretches to the floor,
a thick green coat,and a fluffy hat,
and he watches the snow fall
with a bright smile.
It feels like he is welcoming
the cold winter in warm clothes
with the phrase ‘Hello, Winter’.
It’s presented by @Alex.

These are the 10 winners.


Thank you to everyone
who participated in this challenge.

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congrats to these 10 people in the

The 1st challenge of December,
‘Let’s draw Aurora’
is on going.
We hope for your participation.

Thank you.

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